Easy Vegan Seitan Pepperoni – Budget & Freezer Friendly

Easy Vegan Seitan Pepperoni - Budget & Freezer Friendly - High Protein - Veggie Sausage - Homemade - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Easy Vegan Seitan Pepperoni
I made this video a while ago. I was so addicted to eating this exact recipe of veggie pepperoni it was unreal. I was making these huge batches back to back every week until one day my mind said “dude, go find something else”. I was half way through a batch when the request come in. I put the left over pepperoni in the freezer. A million years later brings us to this week. I was in a rush and needed some food. I remembered that I had these seitan pepperoni in the freezer. I microwaved them for maybe 2-3 minutes straight out of the freezer. DUDE YESSSSSSSSSS

If you buy store bought vegan seitan sausage I’d highly recommend you trying to make your own. Super easy to make, maybe 10 minutes of prep time. If you can make cake batter then you can make seitan at home. A bag of vital wheat gluten is less than $6 and makes mountains of vegan sausage (multiple batched).

Side note: vital wheat gluten flour has almost the same macros as chicken breast. Dude, pure protein.

I have easy seitan recipe post: Vegan Maple Breakfast Sausage, Vegan Mesquite Brown Sugar Sausage, Vegan Italian Sausage.

This made almost 2 lbs of veggie pepperoni.

Easy Vegan Seitan Pepperoni - Budget & Freezer Friendly - High Protein - Veggie Sausage - Homemade - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

1 cup broth (or hot water & bouillon), 2 TB oil, can tomato paste, 2 cups gluten flour (240g), 4 ts italian seasoning, 4 ts smoked paprika, 1 TB garlic, 2 ts coriander powder, 2 ts crushed fennel seed, 1 TB sugar, 2 ts salt, 1.5 ts black pepper, 1.5 ts onion powder, 1 ts chili flakes, dash of liquid smoke

  1. Whisk everything together except gluten flour
  2. Mix in gluten flour with a spoon
  3. Divide into as many portions as you’d like. Any size will work.
  4. Roll foil around each pepperoni dough. Twist the ends of each foil.
  5. Steam pepperoni for 45 minutes
  6. Once cooked remove foil and store in fridge or freezer. ENJOY

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  1. I want to tell you about this great stuff, smoked torula yeast. They use torula yeast to make fake meat aroma and taste in things like BBQ potato chips and bacon bits. It isn’t easy to find because it is mostly for factory-made food, but thee is a commercial stuff called Bakon Yeast. It’s kinda expensive, but is a powerful concentrated flavor. I found some bulk packaged smoked torula yeast by Betta Foods on Amazon and their own website called Hickory Smoked Dried Torula Yeast Seasoning that is way cheaper than official Bakon Yeast. I use it all the time for making fake meat and soup, etc. https://www.bettafoods.com/products/hickory-smoked-dried-torula-yeast-seasoning Love your vids!

    • dude that sounds like the best. I LOVE LOVE LOVE smoked flavor. Dude you said BBQ chips and my mouth watered!

      There’s a fancy grocery store in our area that has a massive spice section. They have all sorts of stuff. There’s also a spice store in our area that I’ve yet to check out. But smoky spices are my jam. Right now I only have chipotle but I could use a greater selection 🙂

  2. Do you think this could be made without the liquid smoke? It’s hard to find in Europe, and ridiculously expensive when you do find it (sad face). Love your videos!

    • YES you can totally leave it out!

      if you have anything smoky to add use it. I love chipotle powder (but it’s spicy). There’s smoked paprika and smoked salt. If you don’t have anything like that don’t worry about it.

      Thanks for the love!

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