10,000 Calorie Challenge Vegan

In attempts to be hip and cool I have attempted the 10,000 calories challenge. Or rather the ten million calorie challenge if we want to call it by how it feels.

Feel free to not do this at home. I was very nervous that this would be physically uncomfortable. I was surprised that it wasn’t uncomfortable. I did sit in the bathroom for about an hour after filming the last clip unsure of which way this would end. I’m happy to report that hanging out in the bathroom was more of a safely measure than anything I ended up using.

This was NOT easy. Dude I have a huge appetite. I feel like I could eat twice as much as everyone around me without a second thought. Now I knew 10K was significantly more than my daily intake but I was shocked my how challenging it was just to hit 3,000 calories. It just doesn’t make sense. The best I can think is that I either over estimated my capacity to eat or………. I started with the wrong damn opening meal.

I’m guessing I picked the wrong first meal because it pretty much killed my hunger. My hunger was gone from 9am on!!! Never in a million years would I have thought that this challenge could have been ZERO pleasure.

Again, I have zero pleasure while doing this. I love food. I didn’t buy food I didn’t like. It just makes no sense. There’s part of me that wants to try this again but come at it from a different angle. But I doubt it. The few hours after I completed the challenge my brain kept saying, “dude, don’t do this again. Just no”.

The sound quality is less than stellar so I hope you will forgive me. I filmed this outside while it was lightly raining which didn’t help with the sound issues. I started this video nervous as hell but by the end I was glad to have given it a try.

VEGAN - 10,000 Calorie Challenge Vegan // Girl vs Food

For anyone new to the blog all the music in the video is from Mark & Me. Full album is on Bandcamp.



  1. Your pain at that last bite of pizza was REAL. I’m surprised you didn’t end up with gut rot cold sweats. Ugh..
    For real my bff in 9th grade cut her hair like the guy she had a secret crush on. I’ve NEVER EVER heard of anyone else doing this!!! At the time, I couldn’t understand why she did it as it was not anything like she would have normally gone for, but like i said, super hush-hush. Spiral perm, frosted tips and mullet shag. She looked like a female Yngwie Malmsteen. πŸ˜‚In retrospect we came to the conclusion she was hoping he would give her some attention for her sweet metal hair on the bus but alas, it didn’t happen. Did your crush notice your rad? He totally *should* have!

    • oh my god. Dude shut the front door!!! You had a friend do this?! I’m just blown away!

      I just looked up Yngwie Malmsteen πŸ™‚

      I don’t remember how the crush thing turned out. I think it was more “I like him” then I cut my hair then got distracted by the next shiny object (not another guy just random childhood life).

    • dude I’ve never clicked a link so fast! hahahaha. this totally peeks my interests.

      Yeah, mirroring someone in order to appeal to them is a thing but something about cutting my hair badly seems…..unappealing πŸ™‚

      A for effort younger me!

      Off to read that link!!!!!!!!

  2. You probably cut your hair like that to get a compliment from him or get him to start talking to you πŸ€” When I was in elementary, the boy I had a crush on complimented my dress and said I was pretty (it was the 1st time wearing a dress to school and 1st time he talked to me) so I wore a dress to school almost every day after that hoping he would like me too πŸ˜‚ This video was so unexpected! That’s so cool you’re trying different things πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Looks like you had some fun! Did you notice your tumbler was matching with bits of your owl tattoo? Can’t wait to see what other new things you try! Ohhh hey! Do you know what brand and color your nail polish is? My daughter’s new favorite color is blue and she would love it!

    • dude that’s such a girl thing! I would have done the same thing. It’s like, “hey, if this is working then let’s keep doing it”.

      I don’t have any new video ideas so more recipes to come. But I would love to branch out… but i’m not sure what all that would be. Feel free to share any ideas you have!

      Let’s see… the nail polish is Zoya brand and the color is calmed YUMMY. So random.

      It’s stupid expensive. I think I pay like $9 a bottle via ebay. They’re the only nail polish that doesn’t get destroyed within 24 hours of wearing it (at least for me). The cheap stuff just comes off my nails so easily even with a base and top coat. So annoying. I even bought dish gloves to keep my nail polish on longer. I’m into it.

      • What about kitchen/cooking hacks video? Tips and tricks you picked up working with food? Weird food combination videos look fun and people love to watch those! Thanks for letting me know! Definately an awesome color!

  3. I am in LOVE with your top! Where did you find it?

    Also, shut up and eat, bitch! Lol. You should have had some high calorie drinks to go along with everything. I agree that the chips and dip was a bad start.

    • i thought drinks were against the “rules”. But I also didn’t look into it.

      dude a coconut milk chocolate almond butter smoothie would have been legit!!!!!!!!!!!

      I got my top on ebay used. The brand is cuddledud? or something like that. They have a couple different kinds but this one is their super stretchy light weight one. Most comfortable shirt on the planet!

  4. Duuude! Had to stop watching because you DIDN’T DRINK ANY FUCKING WATER. Or any beverage at all with all that food. It was painful to watch.

    • I drank a ton that day. I kept refilling that 30oz blue water bottle through out the day. Plus that 16 oz of mint tea I had at the beginning of the video.

      I brought water on our walk in the rain, on our 3 thrift store trips in between filming and to bed with me while we watched nexflix that evening.

      • I didn’t see you drinking anything during the video..? Also, it might have added some calories if you had soda for instance .Try again with 5000 kcal ..? PS .Love your YouTube channel.

        • Thanks dude. Yeah I think i took like two sips throughout the whole video. I swear my pee looked the “right” color πŸ™‚

          I thought I heard somewhere that liquid calories were against the rules. I have a high cal smoothie that would have crushed this! And it’s sooooo good.

  5. I think I’ve only seen like 1 girl who actually beat the 10k calorie challenge! I’m amazed at how much some people can eat but dude I struggle just to hit my minimum 😱
    The stories you tell on your vids always make me laugh like crazy 😁
    I’ve never cut my hair over a crush but after this I realize I always change my hair depending on certain people I want to somehow sympathize with? Or even over some idol crush? Like I lit dyed my hair red when I started listening to Florence & the machine πŸ˜‚

    • You dying your hair red when you started listening to a red headed singer!!! awe, I love that!

      I’ve watched Stephanie Buttermore’s videos and she’ll easily eat a billion calories just for a cheat day. She’s not even pushing herself to hit 10K but she just naturally can do it. CRAZY

  6. I have to say I was impressed that your were able to eat two entire pizza’s. Not sure I would have been able to do so. Liquid is filling too. Kudos to you on the challenge. Loved how your blouse, nails and tattoo were coordinated.

    • i think i could have crusted this had I eaten more pizzas. They’re not crazy salted or greasy which i think would have given me a leg up on the calorie count. Thanks dude!! πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t think that I would have been able to do a 10,000 calorie challenge. I think that the highest that I could go up to is around 3,000 when I eat normally 2,000 2,500 a day
    However, you tried, you gave it a go and that is what matters.

    • hahaha I did try. I think I could do 5K. If my TDEE was like 3K then maybe I could do closer to 10K but my TDEE is so damn low. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi there! Somebody might have said this already, but in my experience, I think we mirror those we desire because it gives a false sense of intimate access to the person. You’re cool af, btw. Been following you since tiny house days.

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