AnarchistKitchen 100K Giveaway!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe our youtube channel has 100,000 subscribers!! Thank you!!!

5 winners will receive a gift box of the following:

  1. Lone Wolf Book Club Coffee Mug (from my etsy shop Strange Train Merchant)
  2. Smoothie Bowl Tote Bag (also from my etsy shop)
  3. Homemade zine that I love by some random guy I found online
  4. Some weird ass music that Mark made (listen here)
  5. Stickers from Squat The Planet website
  6. DVD of Kedi (cat documentary) trailer posted below

I’m trying to give way some one-of-a-kind kind of shit. I mean, how many people have a random handmade zine coming to their front door? I think these are perfect hippie/vegan gifts. I’m planning to watch Kedi with some friends on Friendsgiving. So I’m hoping you gather your homies together to watch it too.

How to win?

Go to the specific 100K giveaway post on either my facebook or instagram page and leave a comment (saying you want to be hooked up or taken care of). You’re encouraged to tag a friend or like the post but it’s not required for entry. The contest closes Saturday Dec 9th at midnight. I’ll announce 5 random winners at some point the next day (Sunday the 10th). I’ll tag/reply to you in that comment section and ask you to message me your address. The giveaway is only happening in the comment sections of those specific posts, not any of the recipe posts or through private messages.

Lone Wolf Book Club Mug - Strange Train Merchant Etsy Shop - Anarchist Kitchen Youtube // Rich Bitch Cooking Blog // 100K Giveaway - Unique Mug For Book Nerds - Finger Tattoos - Chest Tattoo - Sleeves

I’ll try to get the gift boxes out asap. That way if there’s stuff in the box you don’t love you can regift it to a friend before the gifting season is up. Good luck and PEACE!




  1. Holy shit, you have your own domain now! I’ve been following you on Youtube for a while, and your channel really snowballed. Congrats on hitting 100K subscribers. You deserve this! P.S. I don’t think I’ve seen the “I don’t eat like this errday” caption before your vids lately, did you go full vegan?

    • Dude thanks! I can’t imagine I’ll ever be vegan again but I thought it was appropriate to put a disclaimer on the “what I eat in a day videos”.

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