Vegan Meal Prep – Low Calorie Junk Food

Vegan Meal Prep - Low Calorie - Health Junk Food - Easy, Cheap, Beginner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Here is the simplest meal prep ever. Bean, potatoes, broccoli. Bam! Throw in a little bit of oil, salt and bread crumbs and this thing practically makes itself.

(calories and cost breakdown below)

Now the burgers are not banging. These are super duper simple bean burgers. If you want some vegan veggies burgers taking first class then check out my 6 Vegan Veggie Burger recipe post. Lots of options there but for a meal prep I like to keep things simple then flavor with condiments & garnishes. So either dazzle up your burgers with herbs and spices or drizzle on the ketchup and pile high the pickles.

Vegan Meal Prep - Low Calorie - Health Junk Food - Easy, Cheap, Beginner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

So I got almost everything at Aldi. 3 cans of great northern beans, 4 bags of broccoli, 5 lb bag of potatoes for $2.49 and my first case of their La Croix knock off. <– 12 pack for $2.49.

It’s fair to mention that the bag of potatoes isn’t 100% usable. I did have to chop off large pieces (bad spots) from a couple of potatoes. But who cares it’s less trips driving to another store in the heat and I’m a richer person for it.

Dude, I’m pumped about the sparkling water. I used to drink different brands of sparkling water a bunch in my early 20s. I didn’t think twice about spending all of my hard earned money on delicious luxuries. I had no idea that anything food related could be a luxury. ha ha ha.

Vegan Meal Prep - Low Calorie - Health Junk Food - Easy, Cheap, Beginner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Doesn’t that picture look like Mark and I are about to enjoy some lovely flavored water. Dude, Mark doesn’t give a fkkkkkkkk about awesome flavored water. More for me.

Anyone here into Mr Money Mustache? He wrote this epic piece about Killing your Grocery Bill. I only bring it up because I have it open in a tab right now. I need to reread it. Since starting this blog our food bill has gone bananas. Meal prepping is absolutely helping get us back on track. Can’t be rich if you’re eating all your money ๐Ÿ™‚

Vegan Meal Prep - Low Calorie - Health Junk Food - Easy, Cheap, Beginner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Need some conformation on the safest way to cook, store and reheat meal prep? Still Tasty is the website for you! Also I got these containers on ebay (cheaper than amazon!).

All of our Vegan Meal Preps Here

With this recipe you can use any beans! I used to make this with refried beans to cut out the step of mashing but the texture was too smooth. I like these beans because I find them easy to mash.

I bought a used crinkle cutter off ebay ($10) to make the potatoes look fancy. The cutter takes practice. My fries were not evenly shaped. Another oh well.

Vegan Meal Prep - Low Calorie - Health Junk Food - Easy, Cheap, Beginner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This made 8 meal preps

Easy Bean Burgers:
3 cans of beans (I used great northern beans) 1/2 cup bread crumbs + 1/4 cup bread crumbs (I like the Italian flavor by Whole Foods Brand), some water, 1 TB oil, spray oil + any toppings, herbs or spices for bean patties

  1. Drain and rinse 3 cans of beans. Mash to desired texture. I like semi chunky, semi smooth.
  2. Mix in 1/2 cup bread crumbs. Add some water, maybe 2-4 TB or more. You want the bean burgers to be mushy but not muddy and not too dry. *I have made bean burger without water and they taste like delicious crumbly sand pucks. Add more water if you add too much bread crumbs or add more bread crumbs if you add too much water.
  3. Form 8 bean patties. Coat the patties in additional bread crumbs.
  4. Put 1 TB of oil on a baking sheet and spread it around. Place patties on baking sheet.
  5. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Flip half way through baking. Broil patties for an additional couple minutes to brown the top.

5 large potatoes (1108g), 2 TB oil (30g, I used buttery flavored coconut oil!), salt

  1. Peel potatoes
  2. Cut into desired shapes
  3. Mix with oil and place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle the top with salt.
  4. Bake at 400 degrees til golden (45-60 minutes)

Plus 4 steamer bags of broccoli. I like to microwave my steam broccoli bag before heating up my meal container. Then I put half of the broccoli that days lunch and the other half of the broccoli bag in the next days lunch.

$1.77 – 3 cans beans
$1.26 – 2.5 lb potatoes
$4.76 – 4 steam broccoli bags
$1? – bread crumbs
$2.49 – 12 cans sparkling water
50 cents? – 3 TB oil (fancy “buttery” coconut oil, regular oil is cheaper)
$1? – additional condiments
$12.78 total – $1.60 each! <- thanks aldi

356 calories
(not including condiments)

63g carbs, 6.2g fat, 17.9g protein, 14.9g fiber





  1. Hey I was just wondering I really like these food peeps by you and some others and yโ€™all all say aldi is cheap but I live in San Antonio and donโ€™t have an aldi so is there anything I can do to still budget

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