Vegan Ranch Dip – Low Carb / Keto

Vegan Ranch Dip - Low Carb / Keto - Sour Cream + Onion - Dairy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This is the best dip. I wanted to make a low carb ranch dip. And maybe you could argue that this is more of a sour cream and onion dip. And I wouldn’t disagree with you.

I bought some vegan cream cheese because it was lower in carbs than vegan sour cream. Then when I got home I saw that my vegan mayo has no carbs! Even though I celebrated the zero carb nutrition label I wasn’t falling for it. The vegan mayo is somewhat sweet and have sugar in the ingredient list. I looked up other brands of vegan mayo and concluded that my vegan mayo likely has 1 gram of carbs per serving.

Vegan Ranch Dip - Low Carb / Keto - Sour Cream + Onion - Dairy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Not to get distracted but I want to gush about how awesome aldi is. Dude, aldi is so random. Next to the check out counter was a whole stack of vegan mayo for $2.99. They never have vegan mayo …except for when they do I guess. It was an impulse buy. I usually never buy vegan mayo even though it tastes amazing. Just a waste of calories in my book. ha ha ha! But Aldi has it’s magical ways to get me to buy it’s random shit. love yah!

Vegan Ranch Dip - Low Carb / Keto - Sour Cream + Onion - Dairy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I just made a small amount and the recipe isn’t in perfect measurements. You can watch the video to see exactly what I’ve done.

If you want to make vegan sour cream and onion LOW CARB CHIPS then dip these crispy baked zucchini chips into this dip. It’s heaven!

Vegan Ranch Dip - Low Carb / Keto - Sour Cream + Onion - Dairy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

1 serving vegan cream cheese, 4 servings vegan mayo, dash of onion powder, garlic powder, dried chives and dried parsley, couple grinds of fresh black pepper

  1. Mix everything together in a bowl. This will be thick!
  2. The longer it sits the more the flavors come out. Dip with veggies or baked zucchini chips (low carb). ENJOY

Inspired by Barefeet In The Kitchen



  1. This sounds so tasty! Sorry I dropped off the earth after saying I’d make your other LCHF recipes and send you pics — basically, I have admit that I fell off the LCHF wagon with a big thump and haven’t climbed back on again. My bad. But I am still so appreciative of your LCHF efforts and have bookmarked them all for the day I pull myself together!! (I currently have NO willpower. I am away from home, about to apartment- and cat-sit for a friend of a friend, eating carbs like crazy. I know, I know. Excuses, excuses. But, damn, potatoes are delicious.)

    • dude!!!!!!! It’s you. I thought of you when I posted this. I was hoping you’d see this.

      I know we talked about how serious it can be for you to eat carbs but I can’t help but feel like, “How can I blame you for not having willpower?!” It food!!!!!!!!!!

      There’s got to be a middle ground where you don’t have to fight cravings??? ha ha ha Am I asking too much? Like exercise, does that help your blood sugar issues at all?

      I’m glad to hear from ya regardless if you’re on the ball. Try to enjoy where you’re at! Potatoes are fantastic <3

      I have few more low carb recipes coming.

      • Aw, thanks for always being so supportive!!!!!!! Means a lot. I’d really been beating myself up, even though I know that just makes a bad situation worse.

        Yeah, I really should do strict LCHF (no more than 20 net grams a day) since carbs really do spike my blood sugar and insulin levels, but right now that seems to impossible to do while I’m away. Hell, I just ate a cup of fresh raspberries just now with ZERO regrets. I should mention that I am visiting family until the end of the month (and then I will be pet-sitting all of July), so I am surrounded by tempting food, plus emotional baggage makes me yearn for carbs right now.

        However, I have been walking a lot which is keeping my blood sugar levels lower than they would ordinarily be given my crazy potato/bread/fruit intake so that actually helps more than I thought it would. I’m also doing my best not to snack, so my pancreas gets a rest between each meal.

        I really appreciate your being so AWESOME about my ongoing struggle with carbs — it’s just going to be one of those things I’ll have to learn to deal with. BUT I WILL OVERCOME, DAMMIT…just not now, surrounded by carbs and relatives, ha ha.

        • All of this sounds pretty normal. Who the hell can’t relate to these struggles?!

          I often picture what my perfect/optimal day would look like and I just can not get it together. For the life of me I can not get up early and be productive in a calm, graceful way. Why not? I have control over my day right? I would just like to understand the gap between my mental ideals & reality. Not that I’m complaining. I think my reality is great but i can always imagine ways that I wish I could tweak things but I can’t bridge the gap!!! Whats the deal? ha ha ha

  2. Sounds great and looks delish! We have an Aldi up here in NE PA and I just need to make myself stop when we pass it. You’ve convinced me it’s worth the time! Talk about delish potatoes, you’ve got to try Potato and Beet Salad with Navy Beans and crispy shallots (I used cheapo boiling onions sliced thin). I couldn’t find white or yellow beets so I used a can of artichoke bottoms in water, and cut up and roasted them with the potatoes. Wow! It was the bomb. DH ate a whole big plate of this with some whole grain bread dipped in olive oil and called it dinner. Here the link

    • Aldi is so random. One day I show up and they have vegan hot dogs for that one day. They ALWAYS have veggie burgers. Vegan mayo I’m guessing was a one day thing, too. R-A-N-D-O-M

      Thanks for the meal suggestion. Dude, one time a few years back we were dumpster diving and found an entire case of organic beets!!!! Pounds and pounds of beets. ha ha ha If I remember correctly they were golden or it was a mix. I made a huge crock pot soup with them. It was awesome (and free).

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