Vegan Cream Puffs – 2 Ingredients

Vegan Cream Puffs - 2 Ingredients - Chocolate + Vanilla - Dessert, Donut, Canned Biscuits - Rich Bitch Cooking

I’m gonna go ahead and share this recipe with you but it’s on the verge of being a fail. Like a pinterest fail except that I got the recipe from instagram (link below) and that it’s not a complete failure.

I will say this. The video that inspired this wasn’t vegan so that may have been the issue. I used canned biscuit dough as recommended. I’ve made many vegan canned crescent roll desserts that were AMAZING but I’m not sure about the biscuit dough.

The biscuit dough, at least the only vegan one I could find, was a bit too salt. Crescent rolls on the other hand are just buttery. I wonder if those would have worked better. Another thing, biscuit dough intentionally bakes into thin, flaky pastry layers which it not ideal for what were doing.

TIP: Squeeze each piece of dough super tight like you’re gripping a stress ball. Do this a few times to try to fuse the layers together. SQUEEZE TIGHT. Then roll the dough into a ball. If you just roll the dough without squeezing it’s less likely to resemble the shape you want.

Vegan Cream Puffs - 2 Ingredients - Chocolate + Vanilla - Dessert, Donut, Canned Biscuits - Rich Bitch Cooking

If this was a straight up fail I would never share the recipe with you. These are worth making but don’t make these for your first time with the intention of showing up to a potluck to dazzle everyone.

~ Out of the 8 I made at least half looked kinda crazy ~

Vegan Cream Puffs - 2 Ingredients - Chocolate + Vanilla - Dessert, Donut, Canned Biscuits - Rich Bitch Cooking

The #1 way to reel them back over to the dazzling side would be to top them with vegan whip cream and a cherry. But……….now we’re back to fail territory. AHHHHH. We drove a million, billion miles looking for vegan canned whipped cream. The kind you spray from a can. I’m confident that there’s a handful of stores in our metroplex that sell them but I gave up after the first 6 stores. I settled on the freezer coconut cool whip. Dude, the stuff tastes great but I didn’t find it photogenic. If it’s not photogenic then it will not dazzle people. But definitely put it on top. It may not look pretty but it will pull the whole dish together.

Once you add the vegan cool whip and a cherry you’re now up to 4 ingredients. The hell with 2 ingredients. I can handle a few more.

Vegan Cream Puffs - 2 Ingredients - Chocolate + Vanilla - Dessert, Donut, Canned Biscuits - Rich Bitch Cooking

I made half a batch of vanilla using vegan vanilla frosting. The internet swears that duncan hine creamy home style is vegan. Plus it’s the cheapest. Organic “vegan” frosting is $5.99. Duncan hines is $1.69 so there you go.

I made half a batch of chocolate because to my complete surprise I found a random jar of “cookie & cocoa swirl” from trader joes in my pantry. Dude that never, ever happens. I rarely splurge on fancy trader joes luxuries. And I surely never forget about the random treats I buy. The look on my face when I moved a bottle away to reveal that jar. SAY WHAT?!

I like the vanilla best!

Vegan Cream Puffs - 2 Ingredients - Chocolate + Vanilla - Dessert, Donut, Canned Biscuits - Rich Bitch Cooking

1 canned of vegan biscuit dough (I used Annie’s Brand, feel free to try crescent rolls instead), 1 jar of vegan frosting (vegan whip cream + cherries optional)

  1. Squeeze dough then roll into a ball as mentioned above
  2. Place all dough balls on a greased baking tray. I sprayed the top of the dough with more cooking spray (optional). Or just use parchment paper.
  3. Bake at 350 for 16 minutes or until golden. Once cooked set aside to cool.
  4. Put some frosting in a pastry bag and a couple TB in a small bowl
  5. With a knife or chop stick poke a whole in the pastry then fill with frosting
  6. Microwave frosting for 5 SECONDS. Just barely heat it up!
  7. Dip filled pastry into frosting bowl as shown in the video below
  8. Top with vegan whip cream + cherry (optional)

Inspired by a less messy version by So Yummy Instagram



  1. Yeah no. I can’t get either vegan cool whip nor vegan biscuit or bread or crescent or whatever dough in cans here. We Aussies just don’t do that kinda thang so this recipe is so far off the charts of possibility as to be positively negligible. Sorry you thought they were a fail, they look pretty decent to me. Maybe I am just a bad baker?! πŸ˜‰

    • Every time we start running around trying to find ingredients it makes me want to move back to the suburbs. It’s sooo silly. When I look up how far away the stores are it’s not far. But once we get in the car it seriously feels like a whole ordeal. In the suburbs it feels like the stores are more accessible. Less traffic maybe? All in my head maybe?

      On a positive note we have a lot of stores and multiple whole foods locations to choose from. Endless vegan options which is great for my blog!

      I very quickly ate 4 of these pastries so they weren’t a total fail πŸ™‚ Baking is not my strength!

      • It’s winter here and we are baking on and in a wood stove. Needless to say it’s often a matter of knowing/feeling the temperature at the time as otherwise my baking events tend to be very “caramelised” or sad sunken events. The best options are cupcakes and muffins and biscuits (you call them cookies) as they only need a short time in the oven so baking isn’t my strength either. I sometimes wish we had a lot more options available to us but then I wouldn’t have learned to make a lot of stuff myself from scratch so I guess it has been a mixed blessing. Those pastries looked delicious to me so that’s a “SCORE!” in my opinion πŸ™‚

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