Vegan Protein Fluff Recipe – Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Calories

Vegan Protein Fluff Recipe - Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Calories - High Protein Dessert - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog
This was my first time making protein fluff. I wasn’t sure if it could be done dairy free since dairy can have some magical properties that often can’t be replaced in simple 3 ingredient recipes. I mean sometimes it can. I did make a wicked 5 vegan “2 ingredient” desserts posts recently. But I hadn’t see anything online assuring me it could be done.

Then I bought some xanthan gum for other food projects that I have in mind. Dude, the more I looked into the magical properties of xanthan gum the more I was like, yeah we could totally make some vegan protein fluff.

Vegan Protein Fluff Recipe - Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Calories - High Protein Dessert - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Side note: an 8 oz bag cost about $11 which isn’t a ton of money when you think how little is needed in any recipe. But $22 a lb for anything is a bit pricey. Natural Grocer had little bags of the stuff with their house label sticker on it for $9 a lb!!! So my little bag cost under $3! Legit.

Even thought I’ve only made this one time I’ve got a list of assumptions to making vegan fluff. (loosely based on other non-hippie recipes)

  • Fruit – completely not necessary. Just liquid with xanthan gum.
  • Protein – same as above. No necessary.
  • Liquid – any liquid! Almond milk, water, coffee, DIET SODA!, smoothies, juice, etc
  • Powder – Xanthan gum with liquid is the magic but you can add any additional powders or spices to the mix including protein.
  • Processing – I have no idea. 99% of people blend everything then whip it into a fluff with a standing or hand mixer. I’ve seen a video of a chick who just used a food processor. Maybe that’s good enough.
  • Ice – Sure, knock yourself out. It’s optional.
  • Sweeteners – Yes! Add diet or regular sweeteners if your protein powder or base ingredients aren’t sweet enough on their own
  • Toppings – Do it! Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, sliced fruit, crumbled cookies. However you would top your ice cream.

This filled two bowls up!

Last thing before I get into the process. I used frozen strawberries for flavor but only had chocolate flavored protein powder so in the end my fluff didn’t taste like either strawberry or chocolate.

Vegan Protein Fluff Recipe - Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Calories - High Protein Dessert - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1+ cup frozen strawberries (180 grams), 2 ts xanthan powder (6 grams), 1 large scoop vegan protein powder (33 grams)

I topped mine with chocolate syrup since this was totally not sweet enough
(I recommend you add sweetener!)

  1. Blended everything in the blender. It was super thick and my blender could not handle it. I almost added more liquid but didn’t wuss out. Actually, mixed in the protein powder because I was worried that it would be too thick for my blender if I tried to blend it all in.
  2. Pour the blended ingredients in a bowl. I whipped this with a shitty hand mixer from the thrift store for about 10 minutes. *Everyone says to do this for 10 minutes but I didn’t notice much a difference.
  3. Poured this into two bowls and topped with chocolate syrup. ENJOY


  1. YOU’RE THE QUEEN OF THE VEGAN PROTEIN FLUFF. I really though it was impossible. But you prove they’re wrong ! ❤️ (I’m thinking of those who are pro-whey lmao)

  2. Interesting. NO idea what “fluff” is. I am guessing an American thang? It looks interesting. Would it freeze to an ice cream texture? Not entirely sure what I would use this for but cheers for the recipe anyhoo and the fact it is low fat and low calorie makes it a double bonus for moi 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say fluff really is a thing. I remember in the 90s marshmallow fluff was a thing. In the commercials it was marketed to kids as something to put on bread. Like a fluff sandwich? It’s been too long. I’ve heard of people freezing their protein fluff!

      • So technically it could be called “ice cream”? I don’t think it’s a thing here but I have seen it in the American food aisles and wondered. I know that when aquafaba came out there was this big thing about making “fluff” out of it. I just thought it must be meringue topping but apparently it’s something else. You learn something every day 🙂

        • I would say it’s like a mix between pudding and ice cream expect it has a protein powder flavor and isn’t ice cream cold. 😀

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