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Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep – High Protein

Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep - High Protein - Budget - Cheap - Fast - Easy
As mentioned in the video there’s a few mistakes I’ve made. I wanted to divide the veggie lo mein into 8 containers since that’s ideal for Mark and me. But I figured you guys would want either 7 day or 5 day increments. So I compromised and went with 7 then mistakenly only divided everything between 6 containers. AHHHHHH. So for 6 containers it was 775 calories each which is too much. But on the bright side each container had 55 grams of protein. Had I done 8 containers as I wanted they would have been 550 calories with 40 grams a protein each.

Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep - High Protein - Budget - Cheap - Fast - Easy

Second mistake was a rookie move. I chopped 1 lb of cabbage and after it was cooked it looked like next to nothing. How did I forget that cabbage cooks down to from a boatload to the size of a teacup?

Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep - High Protein - Budget - Cheap - Fast - Easy

My ideal meal prep is on the lower side in calorie but high in veggies. So using that check list I pretty much fucked up my guideline. But not so badly that I shouldn’t share this recipe. And the taste was divine!

Here’s the way to fix this: use less pasta and/or cook more veggies. Bam! No extra work. It’s not a big deal.

I did make my own lo mein sauce (recipe below). But I have several different Asian sauces. Kung Pao is my favorite! But I also have a super basic lo mein sauce here. The one below is a bit spicy and I did go heavy on the ginger. All of these things you can adjust!

Feel free to buy some sauce at the store to streamline the process. No need to make from scratch!


Need some conformation on the safest way to cook, store and reheat meal prep? Still Tasty is the website for you! Also I got these containers on ebay (cheaper than amazon!).

Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep - High Protein - Budget - Cheap - Fast - Easy

How many portions is this?

  • I’d recommend 2-3 oz of pasta per container so just multiple how many container needed by how many ounces of pasta you want.
  • 1 lb of cabbage was not enough for 7 containers. I would double or triple the amount next time since cabbage shrinks down when cooked. Feel free to add 1 chopped broccoli crown per container since broccoli holds it’s volume.
  • I prefer 1 serving of gluten flour for every container. I make the most basic seitan with the intention that the sauce will work it’s magic.
  • I added 2 spring rolls to each container. Mine were bought from the Asian store in the freezer section. I have a homemade vegan spring roll recipe here if you want to go the extra mile.
  • I’d recommend making a bunch of sauce even if you don’t want to make a weeks worth of lo mein meal preps. The sauce is soooo good and you won’t regret having extra!

What order do I prepare everything?

  1. Make seitan first since it takes 45 minutes to steam then chop up & coat in sauce
  2. Bake veggies and spring rolls at the same time
  3. Make sauce while food is in the oven
  4. Cook pasta then coat in sauce
  5. Place pasta, then seitan then veggies in each container. Put spring rolls on the side.

Vegan Lo Mein Meal Prep - High Protein - Budget - Cheap - Fast - Easy

Plain Seitan Recipe (sausage shape)
300 grams / 2.5 cups gluten flour (or watch a youtube video on how to make gluten flour at home), 60 grams /.6 cup chickpea flour, 1 ts salt, 1 ts garlic powder, 1 ts onion powder 2+ cups water or veggie broth, 2 TB oil (optional)

  1. Mix dry ingredients together
  2. Add liquid and oil until you have a solid dough. Add water slowly, you may need less! If your dough is too wet add a sprinkle of gluten flour. If too dry add a dash of water.
  3. Divide dough into as many sausages as you’d like. Roll each up with foil and steam for 45 minutes. Be sure to twist the side of the foil shut.
  4. Once cooked let them cool enough to handle. Chop up and mix with lo mein sauce.

At least 1 LB of  cabbage, 1 carrot, more veggies (broccoli, mushroom, bok choy is optional), sesame seed oil

  1. Chop veggies
  2. Coat in sesame seed oil and sprinkle with salt
  3. Place veggies on a baking sheet
  4. Rub oil on baking sheet 2nd baking sheet. Place spring rolls on the oiled baking and roll to coat with oil.
  5. Bake everything at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until the edges start to brown

4 TB soy sauce, 3 TB agave, 1 TB sesame seed oil, sriracha to taste, 2 ts finely grated ginger, splash of rice vinegar, 3 TB corn starched dissolved in 3 TB water, 1/2-1 cup water

  1. Heat everything up on the stove. Start with only 1/2 cup water.
  2. Once everything is boiling the corn starch will thicken so whisk well. Add more water if too thick.

Spring Rolls/Pasta
Cook pasta according to directions. I used linguine. Cook spring rolls at the same time you’re cooking veggies. It may take a longer for the spring rolls to brown than the veggies.

In the video I used a whole pound of pasta which as $1. I used a free lb of cabbage would would have costed me maybe 50 cents. Maybe 50 cents worth of oil, 25 cents worth of carrot and ginger, maybe $2 worth of sauce ingredients tops. Maybe $3 for seitan ingredients & $3 for spring rolls?

Maybe $10.25 for a weeks worth of lunch!!!!!

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  1. Delish! Asian food is a big thang here in chez Serendipity Farm. We love it and as Australia is part of Asia it’s no wonder we have integrated it into our cooking style. I LOVE spring rolls and love what you have done here and will be having a go at making it ASAP.

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