Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep - High Protein Seitan, Rice, Veggies - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep – High Protein

Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep - High Protein Seitan, Rice, Veggies - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

5 containers of veggie meal prep for monday – friday lunch or dinner.

I don’t think seitan is required when making this veggie meal prep. You could add more veggies or beans but I find the level of fullness after eating seitan pretty hard to beat. Last time I made meal prep with just veggies and rice it felt like it was missing something. Protein bitch.

I prepped all of this in 2 hours while filming. I bet you could do this in half the time if you stayed focused. Need some conformation on the safest way to cook, store and reheat meal prep? Still Tasty is the website for you! Also I got these containers on ebay (cheaper than amazon!).

Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep - High Protein Seitan, Rice, Veggies - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I forgot to mention in the video that I will be using some sort of store bought sauce (aldi brand teriyaki!). I like making simple seitan sausage then adding sauce, never plan.


Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep Macros (each):

549 calories
12.6 fat g
76.6 carbs g
32 protein g

Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep - High Protein - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

If you don’t have access to gluten flour just watch a youtube video on how to make homemade gluten from scratch/flour. Gluten flour is made from regular wheat flour but it has to be transformed via water. Magick

Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep - High Protein Seitan, Rice, Veggies - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

5 servings rice (225 grams), 1 massive sweet potato (600 grams), 5 small broccoli crowns (425 grams), 4 TB oil, salt, 5 servings or 150 grams gluten flour, 40 grams chickpea flour, 1 vegan chicken broth cube (optional), 1 ts garlic, 1 ts onion powder, 1 ts salt, 1 mango

Make things in this order: seitan, veggies, rice. DONE


  1. Mix gluten flour & chickpea flour with onion powder, garlic powder & 1 ts salt. Then mix with about 1 cups water. You may not need all of the water or you may need more. Pour slowly.  Your dough should be a firm ball. Add more gluten flour if your dough is moist, sticky or not forming a solid ball.
  2. Form a gluten dough ball and cut into 5 pieces. Wrap up each little gluten loaf in foil. Steam your 5 mini loafs for 45 minutes.


  1. Cook rice. I rinsed my dry rice well. I added a vegan chicken broth cube to the water.
  2. Add peeled & chopped mango on top of rice once rice is in the container.


  1. Chop broccoli & sweet potato
  2. Mix with oil
  3. Pour on cookie sheet (keep each veggies seprate) and sprinkle with salt
  4. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes then remove broccoli. Add sweet potatoes back to the oven until sweet potatoes are cooked. Maybe another 30 minutes.

This was inspired by Ambitious Kitchen

8 thoughts on “Vegan Buddha Bowl Meal Prep – High Protein

  1. Meal prep videos are my JAM! I’m obsessed with them. You make it look easy. I’ve tried it a couple times but I haven’t trained myself to be able to eat the same thing for multiple days and I end up wasting food…..which SUCKS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god, that was me the first time!!! Then I avoided them for the longest time because I was like, “no thank! I need variety!”.

      Then I figured out what works for us. Here let me write a mini TED talk on what I figured out.

      #1 smaller batches of meals prepped.

      No 5 full days of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think 8 meals prepped at a time is our idea since it’s two of us. 4 day commitment each that lasts over a 7 days span. I can dig it.

      One meal ready to go is super convention for a few days. A week long commitment is a burden.

      #2 Making food that is a mix of awesome and bland so that way you can add a bunch of different sauces to it on different days. Buffalo sauce, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, “chz” sauce, teriyaki sauce, orange sauce, etc. If we didn’t do the sauces then I wouldn’t eat meal preps. There’s a picture of our first round of sauces that we bought here

      #3 finding macros or calories that work for you.

      And that doesn’t mean you straight up calculate it but that find a meal prep that “gets the job done”.

      Maybe the kind of meal prep you need is really just prepped snacks that look like mini meals.

      I *need* our meal preps to have a good balance of fats, protein and carbs. If it’s missing one of those then I’ll just avoid eating them then go make a meal that reflects what I really want.

      #4 portion size.

      I’m not exactly sure what to say here but I feel like it comes into play.

      I’ve said enough of about meal preps. ha ha ha. PEACE

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know how I missed this reply. Sorry I’m only just now seeing it. Thanks so much for the tips. All these totally make sense. I was doing things like making a gigantic pot of beans, baking up 10 lbs of potatoes and making huge pots worth of vegetable soups and stews. Sounds good in theory but was so boring trying to eat it day in, day out for lunch and dinner. Small batches make way more sense and the sauce thing sounds so smart. I really have been wanting to try the seitan you’ve been making but the last time (only time) i tried it , it was the texture of a rubber super ball like you get in one of those quarter machines.


      2. My plain seitan can be a bit rubbery so be sure to do one of the fried seitan chicken recipes or the 4 seitan sausage recipe.


    1. It’s just for accuracy with really isn’t needed when making seitan sausage.

      If you look on the label you’ll see it says 1/4 cup (30 grams) of gluten is a serving. So if I have 150 grams that’s about 5 servings (1.25 cups). Chickpea flour is about 6 grams a tablespoon so 30 grams would be a little more than 1/4 cup.

      It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just do it for calorie counting purposes. And less dishes to wash by not having to measure then pour into a different bowl.

      Dude thanks for all of the love!!! I hope my answer helped. ❤


  2. Mmmm! I’ll try your seitan recipe. It looks way easier and maybe healthier than Isa’s which I really love. I use hers to make meatballs. Would you use your recipe this way? I roll the dough into balls and drop in boiling broth. Btw, back in PA and surprised how cold and wintry looked my as t is up here! Made Minimalist Baker’s Peanut Marinated Tempeh tonight. Pretty good! Thank you for this great blog.

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