6 Vegan Donuts – Baked & Frosted

6 Vegan Donuts - Baked & Frosted - Cookies n Cream, Maple, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Unicorn Rainbow, S'mores, Samoas - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Vegan Donuts! Baked BEEEECH!
Cookies n Cream
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Rainbow Unicorn

Now to be technical these are all the same donuts but are the vegan icing is where they’re each different. Way too lazy to make 6 different flavors of batter. Use your imagination.

6 Vegan Donuts - Baked & Frosted - Cookies n Cream, Maple, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Unicorn Rainbow, S'mores, Samoa  - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Now I do not have a perfect recipe for the icings. So use your intuition, your third eye and the Illuminati vibe to help walk you through this. Also let me know if you’ve come up with some interesting icings of your own!!!

My favorite was the PB&J. I used raspberry jam (from aldi!) for the jelly. The peanut butter is actually cashew butter (also from aldi) but I think peanut butter would work perfectly. I love jelly with donuts. I’ve made Vegan Smore’s Donuts before that look way more dazzling so hike yourself over to that post as well.

6 Vegan Donuts - Baked & Frosted - Cookies n Cream, Maple, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Unicorn Rainbow, S'mores, Samoa  - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Vegan Donut // Doughnut Recipe:
1 cup flour (180 grams), 1/4 cup sugar (76 grams), 1/2 t baking powder, 1/4 cup oil, 3/4 cup water or almond milk (Mix everything together. Bake on greased donut sheet at 375 for 15-20 minutes)

Basic Vegan Icing Recipe:
90 grams powdered sugar & 1 TB almond milk
1/2 cup powdered sugar with 2 TB almond milk (Mix everything. Add extra powdered sugar if not thick enough or extra almond milk if too thick)

6 Vegan Donuts - Baked & Frosted - Cookies n Cream, Maple, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Unicorn Rainbow, S'mores, Samoa - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Here’s a general way to make each of the icings but you may need to play around with the ratios to get the right colors without making the icing too thick or thin.

I found that 90 grams of powdered sugar with 1 TB of almond butter frosts about 3 donuts.

Maple: 90 grams powdered sugar with a drizzle of maple syrup instead of almond milk. I mixed in a drizzle of date syrup that I bought from the health food store. It darkened the color and has a stronger taste than maple syrup. The more maple syrup I would add the more watered down the icing was so I did need to thicken it back up with more powdered sugar. I topped the donut with cacao nibs & sliced almonds.

Rainbow Unicorn: 90 grams of powdered sugar with 1 TB almond milk. I put maybe 1/3 of a capsule of blue spirulina (E 3 live brand, bought the cheapest one off ebay) on one side of the bowl with the icing. I added a small sprinkle of beet powder (maybe 1/4 ts, bought in the bulk herb section of whole foods) to the other side of the icing bowl. I mixed each side separately then needed to add a dash of almond milk to each color since the powder thickened it too much. The video might explain this better than how I’m explaining it. I twisted the donut in the icing bowl to try to blend the colors.

Samoa: 90 grams powdered sugar with a drizzle of date syrup bought from the store (instead of almond milk). That’s caramel base. Topped with coconut flakes and a drizzle of chocolate icing. To make chocolate icing just make regular icing and add cocoa powder. You may need a tiny drop of almond milk. Pour in plastic bag and cut the end to drizzle nicely over the top.

Cookies n Cream // Oreo: Mix 90 grams of powdered sugar with 1 TB almond milk. Dip donut then top with crushed oreos

Peanut Butter & Jelly: Dip donut in basic icing. Drizzle nut butter across the top using a plastic bag. I added maple syrup and almond milk to the cashew butter to water it down but that may have been completely unnecessary. Put jam in the middle. I did cover the donut hole with batter so that when it baked there wouldn’t be a hole.

Smores: I dipped the donut in basic icing. I drizzle chocolate icing on then sprinkled crushed animal crackers on top. I added mini vegan marshmallows on top because  was too lazy to melt them like I did for these Vegan Smores Donuts.

I also have a vegan rainbow donut recipe!




  1. Just watched this video. One of my faves so far. I mean you have a unicorn donut. What’s not to like?

  2. These look amazing!!! Going to try next week for my vegan friend’s birthday!! Can I please check what kind of flour you are using? X

    • Dude thanks! The flour is just plain all purpose flour that I bought from Trader Joes. Blue bag, holla!

  3. I love love love this blog. Your recipes look amazing, tasty and fun. Big plus: you add metric measurements!
    Need to try the unicorn donuts asap!

    • Ha ha ha. Thanks for all the love! Sending you some love right now <3 I need another unicorn donut! ASAP

  4. You inspired me to buy one of these pans the last time I was at Sur la Table! I made the peanut version, and AHHHH I couldn’t stop eating them! You da best!

  5. May I use melted coconut oil or olive oil in this recipe? Because I was going to make these donuts today, but unfortunately I only have coconut and olive oil in hand. So, I was anxious about what oil should I use. Overall, your donuts looks amazingly delicious. Waiting for your reply.

    • Use any oil you’d like. Olive oil might taste a little strange but just add more frosting 🙂

  6. HI there! thanks for the recipe! it is amazing. I have a question. I made the basic dough and made some chocolate to cover them (coconut oil + cacao), however, I need the donuts to be cold in order to keep the chocolate alive haha otherwise it melts. Are the toppings that you made able to be applied over a warm donut? Let’s keep it real, they are way better when they are a little warm, and not coming out from the fridge 🙁

    • Yeah if mine were hot the icing dissolved but I think they were fine warm.

      maybe… a thicker icing would work! or melting chocolate chips and thinning it out with either a good bit of almond milk or a bunch of plain vegetable oil.

      Dude I’ve been thinking I need to make donuts again. I made some just the other week. Flipping good 🙂

  7. Is the metric weight for the 1 cup of flour correct? I ask because recipes normally say that 1 cup of flour is 125g. Thanks.

    • You can just measure a cup. the issue is that sometimes weight doesn’t measure properly. A proper cup should weight 125g but it can vary depending on how packed it is, etc.

      let me know if I didn’t answer your question.

      • I’d say it’s the other way around, ie weight is always correct, while the amount you get from a cup varies according to how you fill it. I live in the UK where we measure by weight, so if you mean that I need to use 180g of flour then I’ll go with that rather than use cups – thanks.

        • Here’s why it’s tricky to me. Most often I’m basing my recipe off of another recipe that just says to use a cup.

          Most of the time when I weigh out a cup (in a measuring cup) the weight in grams is much more than the package recommendation for volume. Rice and oatmeal are classic examples.

          I wish all blogs put both weight and volume (even though I mix and match). Weight is so much easier. Do everyone in the UK cooks with a scale? I just do it for counting calories but I’m completely in love with the accurateness of weighing. And i have less things to wash when I’m done cooking because I’m not pouring things into cups.

          So I got this donut recipe from https://www.theflamingvegan.com/view-post/Delicious-Vegan-Chocolate-Donuts and they say 2 cups (I cut the recipe in half). That always throws me off when I’m writing the recipe because I use weight instead of volume.

        • Yes, we always use weights and I find that, when baking so often relies on precision, it’s the way to go 🙂

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