Vegan What I Eat In A Day – Mexican Feast (#6)

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Hands down this was the best day ever! I’m already thinking about more enchiladas.

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Breakfast Dragon Fruit Mango Pink Smoothie Bowl Banana Nice Cream - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This was my first time making a fruit smoothie bowl / nice cream with this level tropical fruit. I pretty much always go the way of chocolate banana or on the rare occasion agave with cinnamon. I LOVED this! I will totally make this again. The dragon fruit was not cheap, actually the whole thing wasn’t cheap but I still have left over mango and dragon fruit in the freezer.

I was completely moved by the color of the pitaya fruit. I can’t explain the feeling I had other than to say I was mesmerized by the beauty. I wasn’t expecting that by any stretch. I guess I’m ready to go to the Rainbow Gathering now.

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Breakfast Dragon Fruit Mango Pink Smoothie Bowl Banana Nice Cream - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

1.5 frozen large bananas chopped up (120 grams), 1 fresh banana (106 grams), 170 grams frozen dragon fruit, 140 grams frozen mango, 2 TB agave + chia seeds & pomegranate seeds for garnish

  1. Chop the fresh banana up and set aside
  2. Put frozen banana and mango in a food processor. Add in 1 TB of agave and a dash of cold water. Process til smoothie like ice cream.
  3. Pour most of mango banana ice cream into a bowl. Leave some in the food processor and add dragon fruit and 1 TB of agave. Process til smoothie.
  4. Pour both flavors into a bowl. Add sliced fresh bananas, pomegranate and chia seeds on top. ENJOY

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Enchiladas, Cilantro Lime Rice, Squash - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Oh My God – This was insanely good. At first I was disappointed that I didn’t make my own enchilada sauce (recipe here). Homemade sauce is cheap and easy to make. The trader joes sauce I used a bit thinner than expected but in the end I’m lazy and it tasted fine.

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Enchiladas, Cilantro Lime Rice, Squash - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

2 flour tortillas (shocked to find out ALL mission tortillas are vegan), 2 servings of rice (90 grams), 4 TB green salsa, 1/2 can refried beans, sliced olives, bottle of enchilada sauce, 316 grams of squash/zucchini, 1 ts oil, 1 lime, handful cilantro, salt + pico or salsa & hot sauce (optional)

  1. Cook rice. After rice is cooked add 1 ts oil, salt and chopped cilantro.
  2. Cook yellow squash and zucchini. I used the foreman!
  3. Divide 1/2 a can of refried beans between 2 flour tortillas. Add green salsa and sliced olives to the beans. Roll tortillas and coat with enchilada sauce. Bake 15 minutes at 375 degrees.
  4. Once enchiladas are cooked top with hot sauce and pico de gallo. Plate with rice and veggies. ENJOY

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Crunchy Tacos, Potato Taquitos, Guacamole - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I loved these. Crunchy tacos and crunchy potato taquitos with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. This is fo sho the greatest Mexican (tex-mex?) dish ever. Mexican dishes should be eaten in lunch/dinner unison.

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Mexican Feast (#6) - Crunchy Tacos, Potato Taquitos, Guacamole - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

6 taco shells, 4 corn tortillas, 244 grams chopped potatoes, 1/2 can beans, 1/2 can black beans, 2 TB oil, 2 avocados (144 grams), shredded lettuce, couple spoons of pico de gallo, salt & spray oil

  1. Mash guacamole then mix in pico de gallo
  2. Chop potatoes and cook. I coated mine in spray oil and fries salt. I cooked mine in the foreman!
  3. Once potatoes are done add them to 4 corn tortillas. Be sure to warm corn tortillas in a wet paper towel in the microwave. Coat the corn tortillas in oil and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees (or until crispy).
  4. Put refried beans and black beans in each of the 6 taco shells. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 400. Remove tacos from oven and top with lettuce and pico de gallo (or salsa)
  5. Plate your tacos with huge taquitos, salsa and guac. ENJOY

Vegan What I Eat In A Day - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Here’s more of my What I Eat In A Day posts. Video of todays feast below.

2 thoughts on “Vegan What I Eat In A Day – Mexican Feast (#6)

  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeey. I have discovered your channel recently and I really enjoy your sense of humor. I have noticed you weigh everything, for a calorie reason I guess, I’m not sure if to maintain, loose or gain weight, but I had a couple of questions for you: first one, how can I calculate my serving sizes if I want to maintain my weight or loose a tiny bit? I had problems because I lost a lot of weight (not on purpose), and I got used to eating like a crazy person to regain it, but now I can tell I’m going over my ”normal” weight a bit too much and I know it’s because I’m still consuming a lot more calories than I should… I keep eating a lot because I’m afraid if I reduce the amount I will… under eat? (pretty sure that doesn’t exist XD). I’m completely lost in terms of normal portion sizes to maintain my weight T.T If you had any advice it would be helpful. Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s up!!!!!!!!!!!

      You 100% can under eat just like you can overeat. I weigh my food to ensure that I’m not under eating or overeating. The goal is to eat adequately for my desired weight goal.

      Daily calorie allotments are estimates but generally pretty accurate. Most people will move towards their weight goals by following their daily calorie allotments accurately. If you plateau for more than 6 weeks or so then you you should make sure you’re logging your calories properly. Weight things on a scale instead of using measuring cups is the best way. If you’re logging 100% of what you’re eating and weighing everything on a scale and still plateauing then you can adjust your calories to keep making progress.

      Serving sizes are not universal. If I eat most of my calories during the day then my dinner with fit into whatever calories are left regardless of the serving size.

      Calories in, calories out is how all weight loss (gain or maintenance) is achieved. Counting your calories is one way to go about creating a calorie deficit. I pretty much have to calorie count which is fine since it fits my personality. It’s not for everyone. Some people create calorie deficits by doing intermittent fasting, going low carb, low fat, whole foods only or any of the millions of ways people do it. The only issue with controlling your weight through doing a restrictive diet is that you likely won’t maintain that way of eating for the rest of you life.

      I’d recommend reading through the MyFitnessPal forums since people all have the same questions about weight loss, daily weight fluctuation, feeling hungry or binging, etc. Read a ton of posts because everything you want to know has been asked 1oo times. There’s even a search bar to help you look though it all. If you create a profit with any of the calorie counting apps they’ll help you figure out what your calorie goals are.

      I hope this helped!


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