Vegan Protein Pancakes - Four Ingredients & Low Fat - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Vegan Protein Pancakes – Four Ingredients & Low Fat

Vegan Protein Pancakes - Four Ingredients & Low Fat - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

No flax seeds or weird egg substitutions here just simple cheap ass pancakes. I did add protein powder because I’m actually aiming to get adequate protein for once in my life. What a concept. I tried following the recipe linked below and it was exactly what I’m looking for. She explains in her post as I will state here: Start with the minimum amount of liquid and slowly add more to get the proper batter consistency. If you add too much liquid just add a dash or two of flour and you’ll be back to square one.  In the video I made 2 thick pancakes and 2 watery ones. The thicker ones (as pictured) were much hardier &  didn’t bubble up as I expected. I did add pumpkin pie spice but couldn’t taste it so we’ll call that optional. I did use chocolate protein powder because that’s what I had on hand and couldn’t taste the cocoa flavor at all. The vegan butter and real maple syrup made the final product exceptional!

****If you want to see a silly video that exemplifies how I feel every time I make pancakes I’d recommend Angela’s Anything Show. Her video shows why I bought a waffle maker from the thrift store and haven’t used it yet.

Vegan Protein Pancakes - Four Ingredients & Low Fat - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

1/2 cup flour (60 grams), 1 scoop protein powder (23 grams), 1 ts baking powder, 1/2 almond milk to start and added about 1/4 cup more or so

  1. Mix dry ingredients together then add vegan milk
  2. Heat skillet between med & med-low. Spray pan or add oil and cook pancakes. If your mixture isn’t too thick it will bubble up. Once bubbles pop and DON’T close or refill with batter then you’re ready to flip. My thick pancakes didn’t bubble up much but I keep the heat at med low so that they wouldn’t burn and let them sit a long time before flipping.
  3. Once done add vegan butter and syrup. ENJOY

For more details on my recipe watch my video below. This recipe was inspired by Running On Real Food.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Protein Pancakes – Four Ingredients & Low Fat

    1. When I’m not in the heat of the moment I think “waffles, that should be easy” but then I look at my waffle maker and feel queasy. What I need to do is go in with a full stomach and make batch after batch with the intention to fail. Trouble shooting the whole time til I master making waffles. Goddddmm that would be a plan. One of these days. ………so lazy


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