Vegan Orzo Pasta Salad – Low Fat & Fresh Herbs

Vegan Orzo Pasta Salad - Low Fat & Fresh Herbs - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Fresh herbs are always a gift from the gods. I need more fresh herbs in my life. I went light on the low fat balsamic dressing because I made the mistake of buying whole foods brand. They use apple cider vinegar in almost all of their shit. I forgot for the millionth time. I seriously do this all of the time. I opened the bottle, smelled it and was like NOOOOOOOOOOO. Since then I’ve been enjoying it in small doses on different dishes but what I’m really getting at is that I would have used more dressing on this dish had it been a different brand of balsamic dressing.  There’s no exact measurements with this so just taste as you go. More chopped herbs is always a good thing.

orzo pasta, fresh herbs (mint, basil, cilantro, parsley), balsamic dressing, canned &/or fresh veggies (carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, onion, peas, mushroom, etc), extra oil for flavor is optional

  1. Cook and drain pasta
  2. Chop fresh onion & bell pepper. Sautee all or some of them. A mix of cooked and fresh is a good option.
  3. Mix pasta with dressing
  4. Add fresh herbs & veggies of choice
  5. Mix & ENJOY (serve chilled or warm)

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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