Vegan Nutella Fudge – Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert

Vegan Nutella Fudge - Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert - Dairy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Easy! I did use salted vegan butter because sweet & salty is amazing but I think it was too salted. I’d recommend using unsalted. These are so good. They melt in your hands but hold their shape while cutting. Make these! The only store bought dairy free chocolate hazelnut spread I could find was the Jason brand nut butter packets. I cut these into 16 pieces which was about 100 calories each. Make before bed so that they’ll be ready by morning.

6 packets of chocolate hazelnut butter, 2 TB agave (optional), 4 TB vegan unsalted butter or coconut oil

  1. Knead & squeeze the nut butter packets into a small pot or a microwavable bowl. I microwaved for 30 seconds.
  2. Cut 4 TB of vegan butter into smaller pieces and mix into nut butter
  3. (optional) add 2 TB of agave and mix in. I needed to microwave 15 seconds to smooth out the vegan butter.
  4. Pour in your container and refrigerate overnight. Next day cut into squares. ENJOY!

For more details on this recipe watch my video below