Vegan Fresh Strawberry Milk Hemp Seeds (Paleo)

Vegan Fresh Strawberry Milk Hemp Seeds (Paleo) - Rich Bitch Cooking

I hadn’t made a hemp seed drink in a long ass time. I need to get with my friend Brian and ask how he used to make the raw vegan hemp seed drinks back in the day. His were a million times creamier & amazing than this. I think part of his A game was the he had a vitamix. Dude, his were award winning. I need to share that with you. BUT this recipe is so good. I bought hemp seeds (first time in 7 years!) almost as a lark. After months of them sitting in my freezer I opened the bag and made this drink. I already want another and I’ve been adding 1 TB hemp seeds to all of my smoothies. It’s about time for me to buy a second bag.

Let me quickly tell you a few things about this recipe.#1. I normally use water for my smoothies but for this recipe I used unsweetened almond milk since the store bought stuff has emulsifiers in them. Creamy drinks need emulsifiers so that the fat doesn’t rise to the top while the boring ass liquid sits on the bottom. (I do not remember if Brian used emulsifiers. I know he used water for the base.)  #2. The strawberries make this drink slightly tart. 1 TB of sweetener (agave?) will cut out the tartness & 2 TB of sweetness will make you throw a party in your pants. Unless you’re watching your carbs I’d recommend adding 2 TB of sweetener. For real. #3. unless you have a million dollar blender you will have some seeds and bits in your drink. You could strain it to make it smooth. I did not.

300 gram fresh strawberries, 1 cup almond milk (i used unsweetened), 3 TB hemp seeds, (2 TB sweetener optional)

  1. Cut off strawberry stems.
  2. Pour 1 cup almond milk into blend and add strawberries. Blend till smooth.
  3. Add 3 TB hemp seeds. Add sweetener now if you’re going that route.
  4. Either strain or drink. ENJOY!

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