Vegan Chili Thai Pasta – Low Fat & Whole Wheat

Vegan Chili Thai Pasta - Low Fat & Whole Wheat - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This pasta dish is so good. It has been years since I’ve eaten whole wheat pasta. I’ve eaten rice pasta, black bean pasta and loads of cheap refined pasta but this dish is completely doing it for me right now. In the video I kind of go light handed on the sauce by only using 1 TB of thai curry paste for 5 oz of pasta. I strongly recommend going double or triple that amount. Taste as you go. I do add some non-Thai spices but I am obsessed with freshly ground fennel seed in my pasta so fennel is optional. Hot sauce wasn’t included in the video but it’s another fine addition that I strongly recommend. This recipe is too easy to not mentioning. *more oil with make this less dry*

5 0z whole wheat pasta, 1-3 TB red Thai curry paste, 1 ts oil, 1/4 cup water, lime, hot sauce, black pepper, dried herbs optional

  1. Cook pasta and drain
  2. Combine 1 – 3 TB red Thai curry pasta with 1 ts oil. Add 1 TB of water at a time. Lightly thin out the pasta with water, go slowly.
  3. Add pasta, mix Thai sauce with lime and/or hot sauce. Add herbs and spices. ENJOY

6 thoughts on “Vegan Chili Thai Pasta – Low Fat & Whole Wheat

  1. Since I can’t comment on YT I had to come on here to say how much I adore your vids! Aside from yummy recipes, I really love the “chatty” convos you and hubby/bf(?) have. You guys make me smile 😀
    thanks so much ❤ Lei

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    1. Dude thanks! Yeah, Mark & I are married ❤ . Thanks for taking the time to write. Feel free to chat here any time!!


    1. Also thanks for saying that. If I can’t get a good picture then I want to cry like a little baby. For real.


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