Vegan Veggie Pot Pie w/ Store Bought Crust!

Vegan Veggie Pot Pie w/ Store Bought Crust! - Rich Bitch Cooking BlogWhen was the last time you had pot pie? Dude, this is soooo good. And I have not eaten pot pie in a million years. I would eat this everyday if this flaky pie crust didn’t kill the calories. Go heavy handed on the spices. Saute a whole onion and a few cloves of chopped garlic. Even add powdered garlic and onion to the mix. This will make up for the fact that we’re using water instead of broth. The more vegan butter or oil you add to the filling the better. And be sure to taste it before whipping out the crust. The filling can be surprisingly bland so dazzle that shit up. Add *more* spices.

vegan pie crust (I bought from Whole Foods Freezer), 1 TB oil, 1 potato, bag of frozen mixed veggies, chopped onion/garlic, a bunch of spices including Italian & poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, lime or lemon, 3 TB vegan butter, water, 2 TB cornstarch, nutritional flakes optional

  1. Saute chopped onion/garlic in 1 TB oil with a dash of salt
  2. Chop a potato into small cubes and add them to the sauteed onion/garlic mixture
  3. Add a bag of frozen mixed veggies to your potato mix and 1 cup or 2 of water.
  4. Mix in a bunch of spices (Italian, poultry spices, garlic, onion powder, black pepper, dash of cumin, pepper flakes, etc)
  5. Cover and soft boil til potatoes are mostly soft (10 minutes?)
  6. Mix 2 TB of cornstarch to a 1/4 cup of water and pour into the veggies. Add more water if there’s not enough gravy on the veggies.
  7. Squeeze in citrus juice and 3 TB of vegan fat. Taste and add more spices or salt if needed.
  8. Grease pie dish and add your thawed dough to the bottom. Add in the filling then put the 2nd piece of dough on the top crust. Removed exess crust and cut little air holes to the top. Bake at recommended temperature til crust is golden. Ours took over 30 minutes. ENJOY

For details on this recipe watch my video below

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