Vegan Caramel & Chocolate Ganache Tart – Fruit & Nut Crust

Vegan Caramel & Chocolate Ganache Tart - Fruit & Nut Crust (Paleo)Layered desserts are legit. I had a bunch of vegan caramel sauce left over after making the Vegan Caramel Apple Pie Puff Pastry Bars. The coconut caramel is so decadent. I’ve been eyeing chocolate tarts for a while. I’m so glad I made this! Be sure to make the caramel sauce a day in advance and plan to let the pie sit overnight before cutting into. While the coconut caramel recipe used a full can of coconut milk you could reserve 4 TB to be used for the ganache to avoid opening 2nd can.

1 can coconut milk (I used trader joe’s coconut cream), 1 cup brown sugar, 150 grams nuts (little over a cup), 120 grams dates (7 dates), 4 TB cocoa powder, 2 TB agave,  salt, 3 oz chocolate chips & 4 TB canned coconut milk

  1. CARAMEL SAUCE: Pour can of Trader Joe’s coconut milk in a pot with approx 1 cup of brown sugar. Keep at a rolling boil for about 20 -30 minutes and allowing it to reduce down. It will still be thin and not seem thick whatsoever. Once it cools it will be quite thick as shown in the video. (this will have a strong coconut taste!)
  2. FRUIT & NUT CHOCOLATE CRUST: Put 150 grams of nuts in the food processor. Pulse until they are broken down a bit. Add 120 grams of dates (pits removed) and pulse again til those are slightly broken down too. Add 4 TB cocoa powder then turn on processor. I added 2 TB of agave while it was mixing. Once everything is incorporated take a piece out and see if it holds it shape when you press it into a shape. Add more sweetener if it’s not holding together. If too sticky add more cocoa.
  3. CHOCOLATE GANACHE:  Melt 3 oz (90 grams) chocolate chips with 4 TB canned coconut milk. I used the microwave in two 20 second spurts.
  4. I lined my glass pie bowl with plastic wrap. I formed the crust by pushing down and out (as shown in the video below). Then poured in the caramel and added the ganache on top. Chill overnight. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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