Vegan Mock Chicken Tuna Salad – Mashed Chickpeas!

Vegan Mock Chicken Tuna Salad - Mashed Chickpeas! - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Here is another great example of going gourmet for under a dollar. I used half of a 70 cent can of chickpeas (35 cents), 2 slices of bread of cheap bread (10 cents), a ts of oil and agave (20 cents) with a dash of herbs and spinach (1 penny). Done. If I would have had vegan mayo than it would have taken this to the max but oil and sweetener is a fair substitute.

half can of chickpeas, 2 slices of bread, oil, agave, salt, onion powder, dill

  1. Mash chickpeas in a bowl with a fork
  2. Add either vegan mayo or oil & agave. I used 1 ts of each but you could easily double or triple that amount. Mine did come out dry so more oil & sweetener would off set that.
  3. Mix in a sprinkle onion powder, salt and dill
  4. Place on some bread and ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below