Vegan Blueberry Stuffed Cream Pie – No Bake

Vegan Blueberry Stuffed Cream Pie - No Bake - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Canned coconut milk pie is cheap and easy as fuck. Blueberry pie filling from Aldi’s is perfect filling. Aldi’s pie filling is without food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. It’s perfect for all of you hippie out there. This is an ultra lazy recipe with very little clean up. I will say that this pie is not crazy sweet so you might want to add more agave to the coconut milk and more pie filling on top as garnish. I actually enjoyed it just the way it is.

Can coconut milk (I used trader joe’s coconut cream can), 2 TB agave, 3 servings of blueberry pie mix and graham cracker pie crust

  1. Pour canned coconut milk in a bowl and mix with 2 TB sweetener. Taste it to make sure it’s sweet enough for you.
  2. Pour a little less than half in your pie crust, add some pie filling and cover the top with the rest of coconut mixture
  3. Put in the fridge overnight. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below



      • Ii didn’t chill or freeze the can before I opened it because I used the whole can. If you just want to use the coconut cream then feel free to use 2 cans, fridge them and just use the cream on top. I just used 1 whole can. I didn’t need to freeze the finished product. I just put it in the fridge overnight. If you find yours isn’t holding up then feel free to freeze. Maybe different cans of coconut milk hold up differently.

        • I need your help! your cooking is so effen amazing! I tried making this twice already , well once and mines the first time i opened the coconut cream it was creamy lol so I thought it needed to be in a solid stage how I seen in your youtube vid. i froze the cream and i did not like how it came out! the pie was more like an ice cream! im making it again today and im hoping it comes out creamy like yours! happy eating friend !

        • Dude way to keep at it! <3 If your coconut cream is not diluted with coconut water and is just the cream then refrigerator temperatures should make it go solid. You can totally add coconut oil. Oh cocoa butter!!!! Sounds dreamy! Let me know!

  1. I did it. You were talking about milk in the video but you used cream so the end result is that I made a mix of cream and milk and it turned out a litte bit liquidy. How much percent fat is in your coconut cream? Overall it turned out good but I didnt like the side taste of coconut so much :(. The blueberry sauce I made of dates and blueberries was very good for cake. Thanks for the easy recipe.

    • I don’t have a can of coconut cream so I’m not sure what the fat percentage is.

      Your blueberry sauce sounds great. Ah, blueberry cake sounds epic!!!!! That’s what I need. Maybe a sweet lemon cake with blueberries. That’s what I need.

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