Simple Raw Vegan Cheesy Kale Salad – The best!

Simple Raw Vegan Cheesy Kale Salad - The best! Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

There was a year or two that I ate this pretty much daily. And when we helped open the raw cafe many years ago we had a version of this added as a tiny side to almost every dish we served. There’s a million ways to dazzle this up but it’s beyond satisfying without all the extras. I love this dish, eating it completely brought me back to another time and place. I plan to make this often just like I used to. A secret ingredient that I used to take this to the max, back when I was spending all of my money on food, was a low temp high quality tomato powder . Tomato powder with nutritional flakes is a billion dollar combination. If you’re a rich foodie I’d recommend trying it out. (In the photo the bowl doesn’t have the flakes so it’s not chzy but the plate behind it is very chzy)

1 Bunch of kale, 1-2 lemons or limes, 1 carrot, avocado, salt, nutritional flakes, chipotle powder or cayenne pepper (olive oil optional)

  1. Remove stem & chop kale or be a hippie and tear it apart by hand
  2. Pour juice from 1-2 fresh squeezed citrus and sprinkle with salt
  3. Chop or grate carrots then mix it all together in a bowl
  4. Slice or mash an avocado, scoop into the kale/carrot bowl. Sprinkle more salt and citrus juice onto the avocado. Mix avocado, maybe even get your hands in there. You want to breakdown the kale. A dash of olive oil would also be a nice touch.
  5. Sprinkle 1 or 2  TB of nutritional flakes and a dusting of chipotle powder. Mix again, maybe let it sit for a little bit to really bring out all of the flavors or just dig in. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below


18 thoughts on “Simple Raw Vegan Cheesy Kale Salad – The best!

  1. Just discovered your site the other day. Tonight I had a girls night out, gourmet picnic at a local outdoor theater. This amazing kale salad, was the show stopper! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see what other treasures I’ll discover here.

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    1. Hey thanks! I could totally eat this whole thing or even twice as much. I love cheesy kale salad. ❤ But I can eat a lot of kale so…. What you see in the picture are small is sized bowls.


      1. There’s one way to take this salad to a whole other level of obsession. Tomato powder. When I was a raw foodist and used to spend all my money on “superfoods” I would buy low heat dehydrated tomato powder. That with nutritional yeast & avocado in salads is unreal. I have no idea if any local stores sell. Definitely an everyday salad! I’m so glad you gave it a shot!


      2. What are some examples of easy lunch ideas? Any ideas you have can help get my creative juices flowing. 😀


      3. I’d like to eat more greens 🙂 Maybe some more salad ideas or meals with collards or chard. I’d love to get more familiar with different greens.

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      4. I’ll write that down! Let that stew on that in the back of my brain. Funny thing, I’m kind of wanting to eat more salad so any excuse to buy fresh greens. If not for this blog I would live on a rotation of a small handful of foods. Long live variety!!!

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  2. Yeah, it was only until recently I really learned about kale, how to buy, clean, etc. I’d love to know more about other healthful greens 🙂 Btw: I love that you measure in grams etc. I use my food scale for everything!

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    1. Legit! Do you use a scale for tacking calories or for other reasons? I’ve been using a scale for maybe 2 years or close to that. I love it. Plus there’s a lot less cleaning of measuring spoons and stuff.


      1. I have been using a food scale for over 10 years 😉 I used to be heavy, & until I realized how many calories I was consuming did the weight drop off. It’s just a great tool for me. I don’t use any apps. I just use to look up different foods. At this point it’s second nature. It’s also great for cooking as you said. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn portions etc.

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      2. Thank you! Now my passion is vegan cooking 😉 I post a lot of my meals on my Instagram account @sweetonnh. I’m no where near a chef as yourself, but learning!

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