Vegan Crispy Tacos – Low Fat & Soy Free

Vegan Crispy Tacos - Low Fat & Soy Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Remember the Vegan Chili Cheese Tots I made? I’m in love with that soy free veggie meat base. For one it tastes great but it’s also cheap, simple & easy to make. That veggie base inspired me to make these awesome tacos. I think the whole thing took 30-40 minutes to make including the 20 minutes it took to cook the rice. This recipe makes a life time supply of veggie meat so feel free to use half of it for something else…. (I used the second half to make Vegan Lasagna).

1 cup dry rice, a bunch of mushrooms, can of tomato sauce, fresh or powdered onions & garlic, 1 TB chili powder, 1 TB cumin, maybe some salt, 1 TB oil and condiments (salsa, avocado, lime, tomatoes, lettuce)

  1. Cook 1 cup dry rice with 2 cups of water
  2. Chop mushrooms then pulse in food processor
  3. Saute mushroom crumbles in 1 TB of oil in a skillet. Add onion & garlic.
  4. Add rice then add tomato sauce. I let mine simmer to thicken up but tomato paste with water could have done the trick without needing to simmer. DONE!
  5. I put half of the mixture in a bowl to add taco seasoning and set the other half a side for a different recipe
  6. Add 1 TB chili powder, 1 TB cumin, maybe some salt & mix thoroughly
  7. Stuff taco shells and garnish. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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