Vegan Green Smoothie – Ultra Potassium Rich

Vegan Green Smoothie - Ultra Potassium Rich - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Spinach is the very best green to put in a cheap blender. Oddly enough I find frozen bananas to cut the rich edge off the greens and almost making it sweeter. <– no science in that. If I use more than 2 bananas then I’ll drink half at first then put the rest in the fridge to finish after dinner. By then it’s super chilled and (again) somehow sweeter. It’s worth saying that this is a very cheap drink. A bag of spinach at Aldi is  $1.25 and has 2.5 servings of spinach. 2 bananas are about 20 cents. Spinach and banana are one of my favorite combos and is great with chocolate too. If 85 grams of spinach sounds like a big commitment then I’d suggest starting with half the amount. I love this drink but there are times when 85 grams is a bit much for me. Less is more.

3 ripe bananas, 85 grams of fresh spinach (1.5 cup well packed), water

  1. Put 3 ripe bananas in a blender with small amounts of water, maybe 8 oz or less to start with. Blend until the bananas are smooth, add more water if it’s too thick.
  2. Push as much spinach into the smoothie as possible then blend. Blend until of the spinach is broken down, no more small pieces. ENJOY

Full recipe has 1,740 mg of potassium! For more info on this recipe watch my video below.


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