Vegan Cherry Cheese Danish – Crescent Rolls!

Vegan Cherry Cheese Danish - Crescent Rolls! Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This recipe was inspired by BakingBytes non-vegan version. Her pictures are amazing and she actually goes through the steps with pictures. It’s well worth looking at her post, she’s clearly amazing. After making these for the first time I think I can make these look even better next time (more like BakingBytes’s picture). These were cheap and quick to make, I love crescent rolls and pretty much want to make more recipes with them. Did you see my Vegan Spinach Dip Crescent Roll Ring Recipe? <— do it!

  1. Put one container of vegan cream cheese & 1/3rd cup sugar in a mixing bowl and beat with hand mixer until creamy
  2. Open 2 canisters of vegan crescent rolls but do not unroll! Cut each container of dough into 6 slices then flatten with a cup. I slightly curved the sides to make mini bowls. (The original recipe recommends freezing the dough for 30 minutes before opening the package. I didn’t try that.)
  3. Fill one half of the mini dough bowl with cream cheese filling and the other half with fruit pie filling.**
  4. Bake til golden brown. I did 375 for 18 minutes.
  5. Make icing (powdered sugar mixed with a very tiny amount of vegan milk) but wait til danishes are completely cooled before applying. ENJOY!

**Imagine a sun (cream cheese) and a crescent moon (fruit filling). The majority of the fruit filling should be to one side of cream cheese but wrap some of the fruit filling around the sides like a crescent moon is hugging the sun. (I think this would have improved the look of mine)

For more details on this recipe check out my video


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