Portobella Mushroom Stack with Sweet Potato Wedges – Vegan & Paleo!

Portobella Mushroom Stack with Sweet Potato Wedges - Vegan & Paleo! Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

For the paleo heros out there just omit the hummus. Add more avocado. Beeyach. In the video I show us making the mushrooms with 2 slightly different methods. First mushroom was coated in 1 TB of oil (which it soaked up) then sprinkled with a fairy dust amount of soy sauce. The second one I coated in cooking spray (the diet coke of cooking oil) and didn’t add soy sauce. I did add some water to steam them. I’d say that soy sauce was the winning way and that you could likely use water and no oil and it would be a fine hippie option. This was swell and I’m recommending.

  1. Put sweet potato wedges (mixed with oil & salt) in the oven for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees
  2. Saute greens of choice with 1 TB oil (or water) & salt
  3. Make or buy hummus, I used our Goddess Hummus Recipe (takes 2 minutes to make)
  4. Cook portobella in a skillet. Add oil and soy sauce then a tiny amount of water. Put lid on and steam til soft.
  5. Plate food. Greens first, then tomatoes, then hummus, then avocado then mushroom. Top with sprouts or tapenade. Sweet potatoes on the side. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my videos below

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