Vegan Berries & Creme – Paleo Coconut Cream

Vegan Berries & Creme - Paleo Coconut Cream Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Not so much of a recipe but something very much worth sharing. I had some left over canned coconut milk (trader joes “coconut cream” to be exact) from making vegan stuffed french toast and put it in the fridge overnight. The next day it was perfect for dipping fruit in! The creamy texture was perfect for fresh berries.

Side note: even though the can said “coconut cream” I don’t recall it being thicker than regular canned coconut milk or even having more calories per serving (aka not more cream).

More creamy coconut recipes to come! Until then make this amazing no bake coconut cream Chocolate & Almond Butter Creme Pie (vegan/paleo)!