Easy Creamy Hummus & Tabbouleh Recipe – Vegan – Gluten Free Optional

Easy Hummus & Tabbouleh Recipe - Vegan Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

When I was about 22 years old I would go to this brand new little cafe everyday and often twice a day. I only stopped going when I moved a year later. I lived on their grilled hummus & tabbouleh wrap. I was completely addicted. Damn I want one right now. I had a flash back and remembered how much I loved them. Love –> Need –> Now. So this was me trying to recreate them. I ate most of this batch with veggie sticks and lettuce leaves but snuck a tortilla or two in the mix. The trick to making this AMAZING is having a large enough tortilla that you can wrap around it to that you can seal and grill. Hot tortilla with cold bits of tabbouleh & creamy hummus………oh my god. The hot and cold combo is my fave. Nuff about me, I’d recommend turning these into a party platter of tiny bite size wraps. Make a wrap, cut it into a bunch of pieces and stick with toothpick.


  1. Put a can of chickpeas in food processor and blend with the following
  2. 2 TB olive oil, 2 TB tahini, juice from 1 lime or lemon, 4 tablespoons water, salt and herbs (dill, parsley, even olives or jalapenos mix nicely)
  3. Taste and check texture, add more water or citrus if needed


  1. Cook or soak overnight 1/3 of cup of bulger, couscous or quinoa <– Gluten free option
  2. Dice a ton of parsley &  Chop a ton of tomato and however much fresh onion you liked (soak chop onion to take off the bite)
  3. Mix grain with herbs and veggies
  4. Add salt, 1 or 2 TB olive oil & 2 lemon’s (or lime) juice
  5. This will taste epic after sitting overnight

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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