Damn Good BBQ Chicken Drumsticks – Gluten Free – Sweet & Smokey

Damn Good BBQ Chicken Drumsticks - Gluten Free - DIY BBQ Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

This recipe blew my mind! This opened me up to the world of homemade BBQ sauce. This tasted like a mix of barbecue and buffalo sauce. Holy hell, I want to put this stuff on everything. I think the spices look burned in the photo but they’re didn’t tasted burnt, they were awesome! I’m always on the hunt for different ways to eat cheap drumsticks. I could eat this everyday for a year and never get sick of it. Sweet, spicy, salty & smoke. YES!

  1. Simmer 4th cup of tomato sauce with 2ย TB brown sugar, chili powder, black pepper, hot sauce and butter
  2. Simmer until it reduces
  3. Once thickened add to chicken
  4. Bake chicken at 400 degrees for 50 – 90 minutes. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below