Cheap Black Bean Veggie Burger – Vegan

Cheap Black Bean Veggie Burger - Vegan - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

These are awesome. I make these weekly. These are filling and super cheap. Mark didn’t think he’d like these but he does. Cause they’re sooo good. I fry these in the pan but I’m sure you could bake these.

  1. You could use 1 can of beans or 2 cups of fresh cooked beans
  2. Use the food processor with the beans or use a potato masher by hand (or use refried beans and skip this step)
  3. Add 4 TB of salsa (optional only! I’ve made this without salsa more than not, totally not required)
  4. Put beans in bowl and hand mix in 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (add more crumbs if the mix doesn’t hold together)
  5. Form the bean patties
  6. Press bean patties (top & bottom) into a pile of breadcrumbs
  7. Fry up with oil in skillet (or bake)

For more details of this recipe watch my video below

2 thoughts on “Cheap Black Bean Veggie Burger – Vegan

  1. like your videos, could you do something using corn flour? i was given 4 lbs of the stuff and i have no idea what to do with it , can i use it like regular flour and make seitan with it? I learned how to do that without buying the gluten flour.

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