Baked vs Fried Donuts W/ Pizza Dough – Egg Free – Vegan/Fat Free Optional

Baked vs Fried Donuts W/ Pizza Dough - Egg Free - Vegan/Fat Free Optional - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I have a whole category for Dough because my cheap ass says we can make great things with store bought pizza dough outside of pizza. We’ve been buying about 3 packs of trader joes fresh pizza dough every weeks for months. It’s only $1.19 and makes 1 lb of pizza. Dude, blows my mind. It’s like 90% of the whole pizza cost the same amount as adding a single topping to a pizza you order. Anyway, this was my attempt to fulfill my apparent life’s passion to make shit with dough. This wasn’t a total fail or a total win. 1. I’m not a huge doughnut person. Just like pancakes, I forget doughnuts exist and couldn’t care less. Then I remember they exist and need to be apart of that. So I remembered doughnuts and tried to make some with pizza dough. That brings me to number 2. The dough is much more dense and not as sweet as a real doughnut. But the heart wants what the heart wants so I made 2 batches; 1 fried & 1 baked. I *think* I liked the baked ones better and Mark liked the fried ones better. It’s really up in the air…I’m not sure. I need to make these again. These are better than no doughnuts, I think. The dough is egg free and dairy free so it’d be easy to keep these vegan.


  1. Roll out dough, cut doughnut shapes
  2. Bake and/or fry the doughnuts
  3. Coat in either in powdered sugar with cinnamon or make icing!


  1. Combined 1 cup powdered sugar & 4 TB cacao/chocolate powder MIX
  2. Add 1 TB melted butter (or vegan saturated fat like coconut oil)
  3. Add 2 – 3 TB water MIX
  4. Done

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