Amazing Veggie Spring Rolls – Vegan – Cheap & Easy Take Out Hack

Amazing Veggie Spring Rolls - Vegan - Cheap & Easy Take Out Hack Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

What you see in this video and picture is my very first time making vegan spring rolls. They look perfect because they are perfect. And why are they perfect? Because they’re easy as fuck to make. Crispy fried spring roll wrapper with delicious veggies on the inside. These might be my absolute favorite thing to eat. To me these are as good as any copycat recipe out there, it’s like my kitchen turned into my favorite vegan Chinese food buffet where I fill up on the spring rolls before I ย even touch anything else. I was scared there was going to be too many steps AND some of those steps would require skill & concentration. I’m anti-recipes that require such things. Why pay $2 for 2-4 spring rolls when you can pay $4 and have a billion?ย Please make this.

  1. Pick veggies you want. Cut/shred veggies small. This can made with cabbage only or you can add carrots, mushrooms, etc. It’s up to you. I prefer cabbage to be the dominant veggie.
  2. Once veggies are cut saute them in sesame seed oil
  3. 1/2 through sauteing add enough soy sauce for flavor
  4. Mix in fresh ginger or ginger powder
  5. Once everything is cooked lay it out on a cookie sheet to completely cool
  6. Position cookie sheet at an angle to draw out any juices or lay out on paper towels
  7. Once veggies are completely cool and have no excess juices LETS ROLL
  8. I lay out my spring roll wrappers one at a time ($2 for a package of 25 big ones from the asian store)
  9. Put 1-2 TB of mixture in the wrapper and tightly roll up. Tuck the sides in so there are no leaks or gaps.
  10. When you’re ready to fry the oil heat up the oil on the stove. It’s ready when you insert a wooden spoon or chopstick and tiny bubbles form around it. Tiny bubbles = show time (You can also bake these!)
  11. Carefully fry 2-4 rolls at a time. Try to darken them on each side. Once golden they’re done. First batch takes the longest, last batch is cooked in a flash.

I explained this kind of poorly so I’d recommend watching my video below or reading this amazing blog post that inspired me. Her recipe details are amazing.



  1. Did you wet the spring roll wrappers before adding and rolling the cabbage mixture? I’ve only used spring roll wrappers once and remember that they weren’t all that pliable right out of the package, although it could be different story depending on the brand??

    • I didn’t need to wet them. When I’ve used rice paper for spring rolls then I’ll wet those. But the wheat spring roll wrappers usually don’t need water unless I’ve opened the package and let them dry out too much. When working with an open package it very much helps to keep a moist paper towel or plastic wrap over them.

  2. Oh okay. I’ve only seen rice paper wrappers here and didn’t realize they made wheat ones too. Can’t see driving an hour to Tucson to buy them so I’ll try this out with the rice wrappers. I’m sure they’ll work out just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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