Waffle Iron Fried Cheese – Fast & Easy

Waffle Iron Fried Cheese - Fast & Easy Rich Bitch Cooking BlogI have not mastered this. I actually panicked while making this since I’m deeply scared of shit sticking to other shit (like chz sticking to the waffle iron). Just bringing it up right now makes my heart rate rise a bit. Since I haven’t mastered this but find the picture cool enough to share and the idea worthy enough to entertain I’m just putting it out there. Fry some cheese, Bitch.

  1. Pick out some Bitching cheese (I have smoked cheddar with chili pepper, thus the red color)
  2. Coat cheese in flour
  3. Coat flour cheese in egg
  4. Coat flour cheese egg in bread crumbs
  5. Spray the waffle iron, put chz inside….don’t press down (I think) ENJOY

For more details watch my video below. This was inspired by a Serious Eats recipe.

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