Icy Cold Watermelon Slushie _ Refreshing!

Icy Cold Watermelon Slushie Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I made this during the summer when the heat was killing me. I love watermelon and was sad to have such a shallow relationship with it so I dug around for recipes. I was out of agave and hadn’t made my own simple syrup yet so I used 5 dates. I don’t have a vitamix so blending the dates didn’t do shit. The dates just wasted some calories, lame. With the the first sip I perceived¬†2 problems. 1 I had slurpee sweet expectations & 2 my first sip with a straw sucked up only juice and no slushie. I thought this recipe was a fail because it was like sipping air and water. I set it down to take a few pictures and by then the slushie started to melt a little. I put the straw back in and like a religious miracle the straw worked, I sucked up slushie & juice and it tasted perfect! Not slurpee sweet but diabetes is underrated. While it was (now) sweet enough and super refreshing I might suggest a 1 TB of agave (or your favor brand of high fructose corn syrup). Watermelon is cheap. Note to self: Make this next time we’re bitching about the heat.


  1. 1/3rd of a watermelon chopped (freeze most of it but add little bit of fresh watermelon to it)
  2. Juice from 1 lime
  3. Cold water

For more details on this recipe watch my video below. This was inspired by a Minimalist Baker recipe.

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