How I Brew Loose Tea – Tulsi Herbal Infusions (Holy Basil)

How I Brew Loose Tea - Tulsi Herbal Infusions (Holy Basil) Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I love this stuff! Holy Basil is one of my favorite herbs to brew. See the darkness of the tea in the glass bottle to the right? That’s way too strong. I always add way too much herbs because I’m channeling some of my bad ass friends who can handle a dark, stronger herbal drink. I’m a fucking wuss. I always make it too strong, water it down endlessly until there’s homeopathic traces of tulsi to in my cup. I have a large glass sitting next to me as we speak and it looks nothing like what you see in the picture. And! I think my glass is at the perfect strength right now. The positive thing about making it strong is that it last longer because I’ll pour the strong stuff into a glass about 1/2 way then add a bunch of water. Then when the bottle is half empty I fill it up with water. I do that at least twice. By that math I’m drinking at a 25% concentration by the end, right?

  1. Boil or heat water close to a boil
  2. Have herbs of choice in an herb ball or (clothe) tea bag
  3. Pour water and tea bag/ball into a ceramic tea pot (or whatever) and cover with towels.
  4. Next day strain and put in the fridge. ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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