Hot Dog Roll Up W/ Pizza Dough – Low Fat

Hot Dog Roll Up W/ Pizza Dough Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I can’t tell if this is a super bowl party recipe or a carnival recipe. Either way it’s hella cheap and takes two seconds to throw together. I pretty much have a lifes mission to figure out all of the ways to use trader joes pizza dough because that shit is CHEAP. A pound of dough $1.19 is like a blank canvas. Trader joe’s should hook a girl up for mentioning their name so damn much. I dipped these mustard though I’m sure all you bitches out there can think of something fancier. I wish I didn’t eat all of mind in one sitting, I wish I had some left overs right now. Dude, these look sooo good to me! Cheese in there would have been legit. These could easily be made vegan since the dough is vegan.

  1. Roll out dough (store bought is swell & dandy)
  2. Put dough into equal amounts for each hot dog (I used turkey hot dogs BUT you could use VEGAN dogs!)
  3. Wrap and bake at 400 til they’re golden brown (aka not dough) ENJOY

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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