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Don’t let these recipes fool you, I’m not vegan.

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Here’s a video about Mark & me meeting and getting married

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Here’s a video from the year we lived in the woods with no plumbing. It only lasted a year.



  1. Oh My God, I <3 the way you live! That cabin is amazing!!!!! And your ink is on point, girl. Mark is a serious carpenter, where exactly are you residing?

    • That’s funny. We lived in the woods without plumbing for a year in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Just google the town. It’s sooo beautiful! After a year of experimental living we moved back to Dallas, TX. We had major ambitions for homesteading but have since changed direction. We’ve changed lifestyles twice since then which sounds crazy in retrospect.

      I love seeing all the stuff of you and Al together. Where would we be without our partners in crime?!

      I grew up in up state NY so holla at you in NY!!!

      • Haha hollaback for sure! I’m happy to see we’ve both found our “twin flames.” You’re very brave for trying out all these different ways of living. What better way to live? =)

  2. That tiny house was so cute. We have a house in east Texas that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. When we spend time there on weekends it feels like we have went back in time. No internet, no phone, we can get one local TV station if we’re lucky. We have running water in the house but there is literally an old outhouse in our front yard. The Piney Woods is sort of our backyard. We live in Dallas now but my husband wants to move to the country full time sometime in the next few years and do the homesteading thing. I consider my time there on weekends as practice. It’s actually way more enjoyable than someone might think…at least if your able to detach from technology 🙂

    • Nice!

      After we sold our tiny house and land we moved back to Dallas. Looks like we’re neighbors!

      I live on my laptop almost all waking hours. I was born in the 80s so I really grew up in the 90s. I try to have internet free days every now and then. I like to fantasize that I’ll get to the point in my life where I’m using the internet less and less. I for sure have rose colored glasses in regard to life without all the mental noise. I work online so that sucks me into the wide world web on a daily basis.

      Texas piney woods are majestic. I went with a friend a few years back to her family’s land that sits right next to the davy crockett national forest. The house was a tiny little thing that her grandparents raised a million kids 40-50 years ago. The house was abandoned and falling apart. We went inside and it was insane! So much of the stuff was left inside of the house untouched for decades. Good time!

  3. Just discovered your recipes on YouTube and they fuqing rock. My husband and I like eating cheap, which often means vegan or vegetarian, and your recipes and methods are simple but totally cool. I love your style of editing, and the music is super chill (I’m a composer, so of course I had to comment about the music). I also really liked your videos about budgeting. My husband and I have a similar style of budgeting as you and Mark, and it was cool to see your method.

    • Hey thanks! Just with the things you’ve mentioned it sounds like we’re a fairly similar bunch. 😀

  4. Your recipes are so colorful and inspiring.
    Thank you for creating this page and keep doing what you love.

  5. just a question that came to my mind when i ready ur bio . after i came across ur vids

    if ur not vegan. why are u promoting veganism in ur vids ?? * Just out of curiosity*
    I wanted to comment on one of ur videos but i coudnt 😛

    • I’m not promoting veganism. I’m making food I want to eat. <3

      "Make food that tastes good". What a concept. ha ha ha ha 😀

  6. I love how inventive your recipes are! I’m subscribed to your youtube and normally when I watch videos I just scroll to the comments to entertain myself, but thanks to you i’ve actually learned to focus on the entire content haha!! Especially love your story voice overs! I was just wondering if there’s a particular reason why you use the food scale as i’ve never seen anyone use it like you do 🙂

    • Weighing food in grams is the most accurate way to track calories.

      For example the nutrition label on the back of oatmeal says 150 calories for 1/4 cup (40 grams). Now if I put my measuring cup on the scale and pour to the 1/4 cup line I find that it can be 60-80 grams. Essentially measuring food can cause folks to eat twice as many calories as intended. But weighting is spot on. If I only want 40 grams of oatmeal weighing, not measuring, is going to ensure I’m on point.

      I’ve heard slices of bread can weigh twice as much as the “one slice (34 grams)” suggests.


      Side bonus is that by weighing things I rarely need to use measuring cups or measuring spoon (outside of making videos). Why measure 1 TB spoon of oil and when I can just pour it directly into where it goes? Put the pan on the scale, weigh out 14 grams of oil and LESS DISHES TO CLEAN!

      Dude, I totally hear you with entertaining yourself in the comment section. The rare time someones comments are turned off or simply don’t have many comments I have razor focus on the content. And it keeps me on the same wave length to the person making the video. ha ha ha

  7. OMG i found this wonderful thing yesterday while i was searching vegan recipes on youtube and its F** AMAZING!!! I love your recipes, seriosly.
    Kisses from Spain!! 🙂

  8. I was looking for nice, sustainable and healthy recipes… and I found a dream site. Thank you so much for your rice/pasta recipes, I love them. As a future (hopefully – just wrote entrance exams recently) student who will have to live poorly to survive – I am very grateful and will be trying some of them tomorrow. Greetings from Poland and have a pleasant day.

  9. Hello! I am from Siberia! I love you and your recipes! Thank you very much! It’s really all cool! You inspire and give a new life! (sorry for bad English.) ))

  10. Hello, Greetings from Germany 😀 Can you tell me what I can use for flour in Germany? I mean your gluten flour. Is wheat flour or gluten-free flour? For a reply I thank now already times in advance😆 LG Nicole ^^

  11. Heya,

    I just wanted to pop in and say that your recipes and youtube channel are fantastic and so creative and informative. I’m literally binge watching your videos and thoroughly enjoy all the effort and thought you put in your work.

    Also, love yours and your husband’s rambling and music!

    Sending you a ton of love from Croatia! <3

  12. Aloooha mamita, xo Buenas y Bonjour! Hiiii dear siSTAR 🙂 Love your comedic stylings and ~vibes~ please do correct me if I am wrong here, but the only way to get your cookbook is through Amazon/Kindle? I don’t have a Kindle, and wondered if there was a hardcopy that I could buy from you…would love to support yo! Really IN-joy the recipes you’ve got going, I’m a ten-year vegan and haven’t even delved into 10 percent of what you have, shame! haha, but I’m keen on expanding my repertoire! Stay blessed and bless it lady, Peeeeace! <=also a classic of mine, said in a similar tone, more emphasis on the Eeeeeeeee, but that's the beauty of Peace eh? So many ways to spread it on (thick)…xo, Lurrve from Toronto, Canada ~ B*

    • Thanks for the love dude.

      I’m not offering hard copy on the ebook because it’s way too long of a book especially with all the pictures.

      It would cost like $25 for a hard copy and I think I would make $3 of that. And after taxes that’s $2.

      Totally not a fair trade for anyone. Now if the book looked epic then I would totally sell a hard copy book for $25 but I honestly don’t think this one is worth $25. It’s worth $4.99 via ebook. ha ha ha

      I hope that makes sense. All the recipes are on the blog so you’re not missing out!

      I very much appreciate the love & support <3 and glad you reached out!

      • ALL GOOOOD chickita hermanita! I appreciate the swift ‘n in depth reply, totally get it! If you & hubby are ever in the t-dot, feel free to connect…especially if you wanna try some mind altering consciousness ~flow~tastic medicines for da soul <3 Sending pure magia and vivid dreams your way, xo BsTaR

  13. Hi,
    Love your videos, recipes, music and spirit!
    Can you help me with the George Foreman grill that I just purchased? Trying both frozen and not frozen the vegetables came out more like steamed and not grilled. You mentioned in your video that might happen. I used tinfoil but the plates come out so cleaning is not so bad (just in case that makes a difference).
    Thanks for your advice. And please keep posting. I love them

    • hey! I’ll try to help.

      When the grill is super crowded more liquid may build up during the cooking processes. The liquid is in part from the crowding since the water wont evaporate properly. More food will equal more liquid in general since some veggies veggies are water rich.

      so less food will help your cause. Plus using foil when cooking water rich vegetables will often trap the moisture and steam the food.

      When I cook thinks like potatoes, onions and bell pepper the liquid is pretty much a non issue. And that’s while using foil.

      If your grill has a the option where you can change the angle see if that helps. I’m curious if you’d be able to get the liquid to run off so that it won’t steam the veggies.

      I hope this helps. Let me know!

  14. You are a treat!! Love the ink. free spirit and the guts to say it like it is!! Ive been contemplating vegetarianism for some time and was right on the fence, Well your vids and the food dude i hopped over to the other side. Working on my pantry list now. Instant subscription. I binged on your vids for 2 hours girl! DO NOT go away we rookies need U! Stay true and peace too ya!!

    • dude thanks for all the love! glad to be needed 🙂 I too am a fan of getting sucked into youtube. ha ha ha ha -More good stuff ahead-

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