Pizza! Cheap & Easy with Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

Fresh Baked Pizza Hella Cheap From Trader Joes - Rich Bitch Cooking BlogTrader Joe’s pizza dough changed my life! Buffalo Pizza changed my life as well. For real. $1.19 for some dough and you’re 90% there. I split a whole pizza with Mark. I eat my side cheese-less so 2 TB of sauce and a sprinkle of toppings is hella cheap. My guess is that my half of the pizza costs no more than $1.50 & is about 670 calories…..all carbs. The crust is VEGAN & LOW FAT so a it’s pretty much something everyone should know about. I use this dough to make all sorts of random thing, usually stuffing balls of dough with cheese and meat. Well this is more of a reminder on what to do with your money and your mouth than an actual recipe. In the video you’ll see how Mark prepares the dough, tops and bakes it. SO GOOD.

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