Loaded Mashed Potatoes Spring Rolls – EASY!

Loaded Mashed Potatoes Spring Rolls - EASY Rich Bitch Cooking BlogThis recipe was sooo epic. I think making this made me dream bigger on what I can do in the kitchen, what I can do with spring roll wraps and what my meals could really be. I LOVE Loaded Mashed Potatoes Spring Rolls and didn’t know it til I tried them. More cheese will always make this better and veggie bacon for all of you hippies! The wrappers are vegan so the filling could easily be made vegan. DUDE I SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A VEGAN VERSION! * mind blow *


  1. Boil & mash potatoes
  2. Add to mashed potatoes your “load” (bacon, chives, butter, pepper, etc)
  3. Once mashed pot has cooled put a small amount of mashed pot into a wrapper
  4. Put cheese in the middle of the mashed pot
  5. Roll tightly and fry!

Watch video below if you need more details!



  1. Potatoes + spring rolls. My mind is blown right here. There are NO words for this combo. I think I just found another spare 10kg waiting to ride the narf7 train right here but who cares. This combo is pure magic!

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