Homemade BBQ Chicken Sandwich – EPIC!

Homemade BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich - Rich Bitch Cooking BlogThis is beyond simple and face melting good. I follow my sister on pinterest and she posted a recipe for a type of DIY BBQ sauce. I looked at the recipe and the simplicity of it sealed the deal. I’m major in love with making this type of homemade barbecue sauce. I think it’s because it’s flavors are like BBQ sauce with a splash of buffalo sauce. There is melted cheese which was put on Marks sandwich. Mine was cheese free even though the sauce has butter in it. If you’re vegan and somehow the gods allowed you to see this recipe then please make this BBQ sauce and put it on some tempeh or tofu. Sun out the butter, throw in some vegan butter, veggie/coconut oil. This recipe really is forever. One down side to this recipe is that it’s an extra pot to clean instead of just pouring of a jar in the fridge. Its worth noting if you’re dirty dish conscious like me.

  1. Grill chicken breast in the skillet (or where ever)
  2. Simmer tomato sauce with brown sugar, spices, hot sauce & butter (simmer & reduce it down)
  3. Saute onions
  4. Cheese optional
  5. Toast bread

For more details on this recipe watch my video below

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