Basil Tomato Angel Hair Pasta Recipe – Vegan

Basil Tomato Angel Hair Pasta Recipe - Vegan Rich Bitch Cooking BlogThis is vegan… kind of. See that non vegan cheese garnished on the top? Well that’s for photo dazzling reasons only and is not part of the recipe. I gave that bowl to Mark and ate mine dairy free. I use a ton of dried herbs and spices but very rarely buy fresh herbs cuzzz I’m cheap. I should grow my own, I’m sure I could have fresh herbs year round for pennies…. I might just do that. Fresh herbs are something I rarely use so my brain circuitry doesn’t entertain how much better a dish would be if I just ponied up the dough. It’s seriously hard for this rich bitch to wrap her mind around making a $2 dish then taking it to the max by adding a sprinkle of $5,000,000 basil on top. I guess a girl needs to splurge every now and then, get off this high horse. Side note: I went to a small potluck gathering in the woods last month with some friends. One friend who is a master at intuitive cooking made a basil-mint drink. I’m not sure what all was in there, it was just an herbal brew of fresh herbs but I’m still thinking about it. It was incredible.

  1. Chop garlic & saute it in olive oil in a skillet
  2.  Fill skillet with fresh little tomatoes
  3. Crush a few tomatoes to help everything stew together
  4. Once tomatoes look tender add basil & pasta
  5. maybe add olives/spinach, more olive oil, salt & pepper

For more details on this recipe watch my video below. I was inspired by Oh Sweet Basil recipe.

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